The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

What is an EV and why might I request one?

Eucharistic Visitors (known informally as EVs) are parishioners who take the consecrated sacrament from our Sunday morning Eucharists to individuals who cannot currently attend services in person. These trained lay ministers carry with them not only the Body of Christ but also Christ’s Body, the Church. They take with them our prayers for one another and our bonds that transcend space and time.

Why might someone request a visit from an EV? Certainly some recipients of this ministry have been homebound for a long period. Others, though, might appreciate a visit from an EV because:

  • They have a newborn or infant in their household and are sticking close to home for a while.
  • They are staying in because they (or others in their household) are immunocompromised and need to avoid large gatherings.
  • They have limited mobility for a while due to surgery, injury, or recent illness.

If you would like a visit from an EV or simply want to learn more about what such a visit might involve, please contact Hillary Jones,, 404-365-1038, or Canon Julia Mitchener, julia.mitchener@cathedralATLorg.