The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Cathedral Chapter

The Chapter is the governing body of the Cathedral that determines policy issues, sets goals, and provides stewardship of the Cathedral's complex operations. The Chapter reviews the activities of each of the Cathedral's parochial entities and ministries on an annual basis, and reviews the church's financials on a monthly basis. Unlike the vestries of smaller parishes, the Chapter does not usually get involved in the day-to-day activities of the Cathedral; instead, the Chapter of the Cathedral functions similarly to a "Board of Trustees.”

Each year, a Nominating Committee identifies a slate of six candidates for a three-year term on the Chapter, to be voted on by the parish at the annual Parish Meeting in December.


2023 Wardens

Ward BondurantWard Bondurant
Dean Candler has appointed Ward Bondurant as Senior Warden for 2022-2023.  Ward has been active at the Cathedral for over 30 years.  His current parish involvement includes the Chapter and the Farmer's Market's Executive Committee. Previously, he served as Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Stewardship Co-Chair, as a member of the Chapter and its Executive Committee, and as an Adult Sunday School teacher.  Professionally, Ward is an attorney. He has served on several boards, including the Emmaus House Advisory Board and the Westminster Schools Alumni Board, and is currently the President of the Emmaus House Foundation.  He enjoys farming, gardening, and the North Georgia mountains. Ward and his wife, Mary, have two adult children: Sam and Jack.



Melody PalmoreMelody Palmore
Melody has been active at the Cathedral for over 30 years. Currently she serves on the Chapter Executive Committee, Ricks/Wheeler Grants Committee, the Cathedral Towers Board, and attends Old Fashioned Sunday School. Professionally, Melody is a medical doctor and is Associate Professor of Medicine (Division of Infectious Diseases) at Emory University School of Medicine, and Medical Director for the Women’s Program, Grady Infectious Disease Program. She has been active serving on several boards in the community, and is especially interested in health care for women living with HIV and in the intersection of safe housing and improved health.  Melody and her husband, Marvin, have two adult children: Sarah and Jack.




Chapter Executive Committee:

  • Senior Warden: Ward Bondurant
  • Junior Warden: Melody Palmore
  • Secretary: Mary Caroline Cravens
  • Treasurer: Bill Monroe
  • Merritt Dyke
  • Geoff DeLong

Chapter Class of 2025:

  • Geoff DeLong
  • Anne Matthews
  • Coby Nixon
  • Margaret Poe
  • Janie Sager
  • Abby Schultz

Chapter Class of 2024:

  • Rod Bunn
  • Sally Burge
  • Sara Chapman
  • Tucker Ballard Mahoney
  • Melody Palmore
  • Ted Park

Chapter Class of 2023:

  • Angelica Godoy de Baños
  • Ward Bondurant
  • Mary Caroline Cravens
  • Merritt Dyke
  • Bill Monroe
  • Kate Stotts