The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA


Sundays and During the Week

As Christians, we spend our entire lives, from baptism to death, becoming disciples of Christ and growing in faith. As Episcopalians, this process of formation is shaped, in particular, by our liturgy and life together. Therefore, so are our education programs. The Cathedral offers programs for all ages and kinds of learners. These programs are intended to equip us for ministry and to foster spiritual growth through meaningful participation in and reflection on our common prayer, community, sacred stories, and mission.Contact Canon Lauren Holder, 404-365-1036, if you have questions about adult education. 


Old Fashioned Sunday School (10:10 a.m., Zoom)

Epiphany is the season that we use to celebrate the manifestation of Christ. In the Western churches, we tend to focus on the visit of the magi and the worldwide mission of the church.  The Eastern churches tend to focus instead on Christ’s baptism by John, when the heavens opened and a voice from heaven declared Jesus to be God’s beloved Son, and the miracle of Cana in Galilee, where Christ first “manifested” his glory.  This year in Old Fashioned Sunday School, we’ll take a more eastern approach to the season of Epiphany by exploring the Jesus Christ that is manifested in the Gospel of John.  It won’t be like the reading of the fourth gospel that you are used to hearing, though.  We will be reading it from the center.  We’ll assume that the story of the sea-crossing (6:16-21) is the structural center of the gospel and talk about what the gospel might be telling us about Jesus if this is true. Much of the approach taken in the course will be from The Good Wine: Reading John from the Center by Bruno Barnhart.

For more information, contact Canon George Maxwell,


Hear What the Spirit is Saying to God’s People: Exploring Contemplative Practices and Meditation Together (1 p.m., Zoom)

This group provides a space for people to engage in different spiritual practices. Each meeting, we will learn about a new practice together, engage in this practice, and then split into small groups to talk about our experiences. Practice-based interaction with God is a defining characteristic of Anglicanism. In this group, we hope to quiet the mind and invite the Holy Spirit into our presence. All are welcome and no experience is required! Cathedral Seminarian Will Drosos will be leading this class, along with Canon Cathy Zappa.




Bible Studies


The Dean's Men's Bible Study (7–8 a.m.)

This group meets every Tuesday morning to read and study scripture, to share faith stories, and to support each other in prayer. Sam Candler, the Dean of the Cathedral, usually leads the group; all men are invited, whether Cathedral members or not. Contact Jeannie Mahood,, for the Zoom link.

Early Morning Women's Bible Study (7–8 a.m.)

All women are welcome to this group led by Canon Lauren Holder; drop in when you can. Contact Canon Holder,, for the Zoom link.


The Dean's Women's Bible Study (10:45–11:45 a.m.)

This group meets Wednesday mornings to read and study scripture, to share faith stories, and to support each other in prayer. Dean Candler usually leads the group and coffee is available. All women are invited, whether Cathedral members or not. Contact Jeannie Mahood,, for the Zoom link.

Eat Your Word Bible Study (noon–1 p.m.)

All are welcome to this weekly Bible study, led by Canon Cathy Zappa. Please bring your lunch and be ready for a lively conversation! Contact Canon Zappa,, for the Zoom link.



Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry (EfM) is a program of the School of Theology of the University of the South. Participants commit one year at a time to meet weekly in seminars led by mentors trained in studying the Bible, church history, and theology, while also developing a wonderful community of members. There is a weekly lesson and study guide, but no tests or papers to prepare. A few spaces are available for an EfM class that begins January 5. The class meets on Tuesdays from 7-9:30 p.m., initially meeting by Zoom and transitioning to the Lanier House once it is safe to do so. For more information and registration procedures, contact Rick Tyler, 404-375-6470, or Deirdra Glover, 770-865-2141.



Book Groups and Monthly Groups

Word to Your Mother

Second Tuesday of every odd month

Canon Lauren Holder facilitates a book study at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every odd month, intentionally geared toward busy, busy moms. This group covers a range of topics, including parenting, marriage, women’s spirituality, faith at home, and friendship. While this group is specifically designed for moms, it is open to all women.


Sons of Thunder

First Thursday of every month

Sons of Thunder meets on the first Thursday of every month (unless otherwise indicated) for breakfast, discussion, and fellowship. All men are welcome! Each session stands on its own, so come when your schedule permits. For more information, contact Canon George Maxwell at