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The Apostle Paul: A Biography

This year the topics for discussion will include several short series of classes led by Canon George Maxwell that will focus on what Paul, the apostle, was actually doing and why; several classes led by Dean Sam Candler offering new ways to understand some old theological ideas; and several classes led by Canon Cathy Zappa, Canon Lauren Holder, and special invited guests on a variety of other topics.

September 9: A Introduction  slides

September 16: From Tarsus to Jerusalem slides 

September 23:
 From Jerusalem to Damascus slides 

September 30: 
Return to Tarsus slides 

October 14:
 Antioch slides

October 21:
 To and From Galatia slides

October 28:
 From Antioch to Jerusalem slides 

November 4:
From Antioch to Athens slides 

November 11: Guest Speaker: Major General James E. Livingston

November 18: Putting the Christ Back in Thanksgiving slides 

December 2: Guest Speaker: The Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler

December 9: The Annual Parish Meeting

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