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As with other offerings of the Cathedral in this time of Social Distance for the Common Good, we hope to stay in holy relationship. Canon George Maxwell teaches this class via Zoom

To join via Zoom video, simply click this link and follow the prompts to download the Zoom app or start from your browser. Or, you can dial in by phone (1-646-558-8656) and enter meeting ID 947 9858 6103. 


Epiphany 2021: What does Jesus mean when he says “I am”?

Epiphany is the season that we use to celebrate the manifestation of Christ. In the Western churches, we tend to focus on the visit of the magi and the worldwide mission of the church.  The Eastern churches tend to focus instead on Christ’s baptism by John, when the heavens opened and a voice from heaven declared Jesus to be God’s beloved Son, and the miracle of Cana in Galilee, where Christ first “manifested” his glory.  This year in Old Fashioned Sunday School, we’ll take a more eastern approach to the season of Epiphany by exploring the Jesus Christ that is manifested in the Gospel of John.  It won’t be like the reading of the fourth gospel that you are used to hearing, though.  We will be reading it from the center.  We’ll assume that the story of the sea-crossing (6:16-21) is the structural center of the gospel and talk about what the gospel might be telling us about Jesus if this is true. Much of the approach taken in the course will be from The Good Wine: Reading John from the Center by Bruno Barnhart.



January 17, 2021: What does Jesus mean when he says “I am”? (part 2) / video  slides

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Fall 2020: The Holy Thursday Revolution

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The Universal Christ

August 30: Third Conversation / video


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