The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Old Fashioned Sunday School


Old Fashioned Sunday School meets most Sundays September–May at 10:10 a.m. to discuss topics of general interest to the Cathedral community. All are welcome. You will find a light heart, a warm welcome, and good coffee! Old Fashioned Sunday School is taught by Canon George Maxwell

This year the class will focus on the purpose of church or, if you will, why we do what we do when we come to church. The title of the first series is “The Purpose of the Liturgy (or Why You Don’t Need to Check Your Mind at the Door When You Come to Church).” This series will talk about the powerful role that cultural liturgies, both sacred and secular, play in shaping how we see the world and live our lives.

The second series will prepare for Bishop Beckwith’s visit in February by talking about his book Seeing the Unseen: Beyond Prejudices, Paradigms and Party Lines. The Lenten series will look at funerals and how hope helps us make sense of suffering. Finally, the Easter series will focus on the psychological dimensions of faith and how they might help us to live into the idea of resurrection now. It’s going to be fun and will help you use your faith to find meaning in your daily life.

This class meets in Child Hall, and recordings are available online after Sunday on this page. We will not be livestreaming the class this year. 


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