The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Youth Confirmation

The youth Confirmation program for current 8th graders is a modern adaptation of an ancient church process by which those deemed adults were prepared for entry into Christian faith and life. Each week, we rekindle our preparation which leads our youth toward the personal decision of receiving Confirmation in The Episcopal Church, and then onward through involvement in the Church life. The curriculum is an introduction to the essentials of what Anglican Christians believe. This class allows each confirmand to thoroughly engage their own theology, history, and spirituality personally and communally.

Confirmation Expectations:

  • Attending worship regularly at one of the Cathedral’s Sunday services.
  • Attend the confirmation class on Sunday morning from 10:10–11 a.m. regularly.
  • No more than two absences from Confirmation class for the semester.
  • Reading and reflecting upon The Book of Common Prayer.
  • Developing personal prayer habits inside and outside of Sunday mornings.
  • Serving as an acolyte in the regular rotation on Sunday mornings.
  • Writing a personal statement of faith/spiritual autobiography. (2 pages)
  • Attending Ash Wednesday and ALL Holy Week services
  • Continuing the following year in the youth ministry program and life of the church.


Questions? Email Keith Dumke, Director of Youth Ministries, at