The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Music for Young Children

Brenda PruittAllegro and Musikgarten Programs

For children through age 8. Information on the Chorister choir for older children is here

The Music Department and Children’s Ministries jointly sponsor Allegro: Music for Young Children, for children through age 8, using the Musikgarten curriculum. We also offer the Allegro Choir for kindergarten, first, and second grades.

Using play, movement, singing, and instruments, Allegro and Musikgarten classes help younger children develop musical skills and knowledge as well as an appreciation for music. Children and their parents find this to be a wonderful introduction to the music program at the Cathedral.

Participants need not be members of the Cathedral of St. Philip. All classes are taught by Sarah Cauthen. Classes are held in the Allegro room, downstairs next to the choir room.

Classes – Winter/Spring 2024

  • Musikgarten Family Music for Babies and Toddlers
    • Wednesdays, 11–11:30 a.m., beginning January 10
  • Cherubs – Ages 3-5
    • Wednesdays, 4:00-4:45 p.m., beginning January 10
  • Allegro Choir
    • Wednesdays, 5:00-5:45 p.m., beginning January 10

Caregiver attends with the child/children in Musikgarten. All class costs are $125 for the first child in a family and $100 for subsequent children. (Enter discount code secondchild at registration to receive discount.)


For more information about music for young children and Musikgarten at the Cathedral, contact the Allegro Choirmaster, Sarah Cauthen,

Children can continue their musical journey after 2nd grade by joining the Chorister program, a choral program that includes comprehensive musical training for older children, led by Dr. Caroline Robinson.

For more information about the Cathedral Chorister program (grade 3 and up) or the adult choirs, contact the music office at 404-365-1050 or


About the Musikgarten curriculum

The Program

Musikgarten offers a comprehensive, sequential plan for the musical development of your child from birth through beginning piano. Each of our courses stands on its own and fits the developmental needs of the child, while also preparing the child for future success in classes for older children. Class time is educational, fun, and purposeful.

The Curriculum

Musikgarten’s programs are based on meeting the developmental needs of children as they grow. Favorite songs, stories, and dances are revisited throughout each curriculum, building on what each child has mastered and enjoyed, and making successful learning easier. Very young children are the focus of Family Music for Babies and Family Music for Toddlers while Wind Dancers is the curriculum for 3- to 5-year-olds.

Musical play activities
  • Nurture children's ability to develop language and participate in dramatic play within a musical context.
  • Develop listening, focused attention, imagination, creativity, and self-expression.
  • Singing, chanting, moving, focused listening, musical games.
  • Exploring musical instruments, creative movement, and storytelling.
  • Family packets for each season of the year. Packets include outstanding CDs, instruments and/or activity cards, and a parent activity bool.
Family Involvement

In addition to caregiver participation in the classes, families are urged to use their family packets to engage in musical play at home. This will create moments of bonding as well as enhance educational and developmental progress.