The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

I Love Serving on the Wedding Guild

Let Your Light Shine – Serve on the Wedding Guild

by Sherri Musgrove

I joined the Wedding Guild in 2004 because it met some basic criteria I had for committing time: it was flexible; it was fulfilling; and it was loads of fun! If you ask me today why I continue to serve 17 years later…three factors come to mind. 

First, the guild members with whom I have the privilege of serving come to mind. I love these members! It takes a village to pull off a wedding. Our team is extraordinary and is made up of unique, talented, and compassionate members all committed to serving with grace, excellence, and hospitality. 

Second, our clergy come to mind. Every village has its leaders. I love our leaders! They, too, are extraordinary and consist of unique, talented, and compassionate clergy. Wedding Guild members work closely behind the scenes with our clergy. We learn from our clergy about the Holy Sacrament of Marriage and what an important outward and visible sign of God’s grace it represents. 

Third, our families come to mind. Our wedding families are the community inside our village whom we have the privilege and joy of serving. I love our families. They are the reason we exist. We welcome them to our sacred space. We want them to feel at home and loved. We take care of them through their entire experience on wedding weekend. 

Our guild is always looking for new members. Won’t you come check us out? This just might be the place for your light to shine. If you’re interested in serving on the Wedding Guild please contact Hillary Jones,