The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

"Congratulations! You're pre-qualified!"

by Trammell Williams

The last time someone told you that, they wanted you to buy something.  But we have other plans . . .

Now that we have your attention, hold that thought!  The title will make sense in a moment.

If you have ever been bereaved, you may have observed that some people were able to comfort you by their very presence.  They likely had no rare gift or special training; rather, they were just able to share their humanity with you when you needed it.

That is what the Cathedral’s Funeral Guild does.  It is a ministry of presence.  No specialized training is required; the primary activity is making visitors feel welcome in an unfamiliar place.  It really is that simple.  You’re pre-qualified!

You can serve as frequently or infrequently as you wish, and there truly is “something for everyone” in the Guild’s work.  Along the way, you will meet wonderful parishioners, hear varied perspectives on love and loss, and perhaps even find comfort and healing for yourself.

We would be honored if you joined us.

For more information about the Funeral Guild, please contact Trammell Williams ( / 404-365-1067) or Canon Cathy Zappa ( / 404-365-1043).