The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA


Pledge Ingathering at All Services This Sunday

This Sunday, November 11, during our morning services, we will once again form a fantastic and fun offertory procession with our pledge cards! You should have received those pledge cards by mail in the last several weeks. Please pray about your pledge this year, and please pledge generously! Your commitment keeps this cathedral parish serving with grace, excellence, and hospitality. Bring your cards to church, and then walk to the altar following the usual procession of bread, wine, and Sunday gifts. Others will join you. I will provide instructions during the service for this “Episcopal Church altar call!”

March 2017 Stewardship Update

The Cathedral’s 2017 stewardship campaign, “Cloud of Witnesses,” is well underway! We’ve received over $2.2 million in pledges from over 600 households. If you have already made your financial pledge for the year, thank you! You should have received a statement of contributions to-date last week. If you have not yet pledged, please prayerfully consider how you can become part of this great cloud of witnesses and support the worship, community, and mission of this holy Cathedral parish. You can make your pledge today at Please feel free to contact me at 404-365-1033 or with any questions.

Thanks Christie Jennison!

Christie Jennison wrapped up her service to the Cathedral a few weeks when she was called back to the crystal coast of North Carolina where she will be assistant personnel director of Camp Seafarer. Even if you never met Christie, she probably knew you! As program coordinator for stewardship and membership, she maintained all of our parishioner records—new members, baptisms, change of address, etc. She also coordinated stewardship mailings, newcomer dinners, and our weekly thank-you notes to parish life groups. She did all of this with grace, excellence, and hospitality. She always smiled and never failed to pitch in on projects large and small. We will miss you, Christie!

Can You Make a Financial Commitment?

We are making steady progress in reaching our goal of $3,685,000 in pledges from 1,200 parishioners. Thank you! If you have not already done so, please consider making a pledge now. In addition to a lot of other things, pledging gives the Cathedral Chapter confidence that we are on track for the year. Large or small, your pledge impacts the theology, budget, and planning for this sacred community. Pledging is easy! Simply submit the form below or make a pledge online at

Stewardship Update: Starting and Finishing Strong

Many thanks to the more than 500 families who have made their pledge for the 2016 Stewardship Campaign. We are off to a great start and hope to reach at least $3,000,000 by the end of the month. At the same time, we will continue to work hard on finishing the 2015 Stewardship Campaign as strongly as possible. This includes encouraging parishioners to complete their pledges, make pledges if they have not already, and contribute if they can’t pledge. Links for pledging and contributing can be found at and you can always contact David Rocchio, Director of Stewardship, at 404-365-1033 or

Koinonia: Stewardship Update

Thanks to all the families and individuals who participated in the pledge ingathering this past Sunday. The pledge procession was a remarkable display of the spirit, generosity, and good will of this community. More than 125 households pledged and another 100 acknowledged their intent to pledge. Added to those submitted previously, we have received over $890,000 in pledges thus far. The 2016 stewardship campaign is off to a great start and we’d like every member to pledge. Learn more at

Stewardship Ingathering This Sunday

We had a great time kicking off the 2016 stewardship campaign two weeks ago with BBQ, hay rides, and fellowship. By now you should have received your stewardship packets in the mail. Please prayerfully consider what you can contribute to the Cathedral in 2016 and join in the pledge ingathering during services this Sunday, November 1. If you have any questions, contact David Rocchio, director of stewardship, at 404-365-1033 or