The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Cathedral Scholars

We each have God-given abilities that need to be nurtured and developed, and education is one of the most powerful ways that we can thrive. The Cathedral Scholars program aims to provide financial, vocational, communal, and spiritual support to members of the Cathedral of St. Philip's community who seek to further their educational goals. The Cathedral's community is far-reaching and includes members of the Cathedral parish, Cathedral staff and their immediate family members, and the larger Cathedral community, including its many parochial entities.


What does it mean to be a Cathedral Scholar?

  • Financial Support: We are accepting requests up to $5,000 per year for tuition, books, required equipment/supplies, and other expenses at an accredited college, university, or trade school, undergraduate or graduate studies. Awards will be paid directly to the designated academic institution. Requests outside this scope may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Vocational, Communal, and Spiritual Support: A supportive community is integral to education success.
    • Each scholar will have an assigned committee liaison who will be the scholar’s primary contact throughout their educational experience. In addition to providing support and prayers for the scholar, this liaison can connect the scholar with Cathedral parishioners who may serve as vocational resources.
    • Each summer, the current scholars will gather for an in-person networking event with scholar alumni, the Cathedral Scholars Committee, and supporters of the program.
    • Scholars are prayed for regularly in the Prayers of the People at the Cathedral.

Application Process

  • Timeline: Scholarships are awarded annually on a need basis. Applications are accepted year-round, and applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. 
      • Deadlines for applications are as follows, depending upon when the scholarship funds will be needed:
Annual Funding Beginning with: Application Deadline:
Summer Semester/Quarter February 28
Fall Semester/Quarter April 10
Winter Quarter or Spring Semester/Quarter September 30
  • Criteria: All applications will be considered, with preference given to those with direct Cathedral affiliation Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply based on the following criteria:
    • Financial need: Combined annual gross income of applicant or the applicant’s parents less than $75,000
    • Student character: integrity, responsibility, and kindness
    • Academic performance: Include grade point average and rigor of courses
    • Extracurricular activities: school, church, community activities and after-school/summer employment
  • Application: Please note, the following are required to apply or reapply:
    • New Student Applicants:
      • Completed new applicants form (see link below)
      • Cover letter composed by the applicant including 250-500 word personal statement (Tell us who you are!)
      • Current school transcript
      • A head shot photo of the applicant
      • One letter of recommendation addressing the applicant’s character

nEW sTUDENT aPPLICANTS - Click Here to Apply

  • Returning Student Applicants:
    • Completed returning applicants form (see link below)
    • Short letter (addressed to program donors) reporting on your most recent year
    • A copy of your school’s financial aid letter for the upcoming year
    • Current School Transcript

Returning Student Applicants - Click Here to Apply

Meet the 2023-2034 Cathedral Scholars

We celebrate the accomplishments and the promise of these students, and we hope you will support them with your prayers. We also hope you will take advantage of next year’s annual summer barbecue to meet these students in person. [Note, upon the request of students who desire confidentiality, some names may not be listed.]


Achol Atem

Achol is an immigrant from South Sudan who is currently attending Furman University as a freshman. She plans to complete a double major in Computer Science and German, with the goal of working as a software engineer after graduation. She loves meeting new people from different backgrounds, is an avid soccer fan, and enjoys playing the ukulele.


Ernest Charles, Jr.

Ernest is a sophomore at Barry University, with plans to study oceanography. He enjoys music and film and intends to combine his interests with marine biology to increase awareness of our aquatic ecosystem.

Natalya Cobb

Natalya is a freshman at Howard University with a passion for helping others. She plans to study finance and hopes for a career as a financial advisor and attorney. In her free time, she loves to choreograph dances and attend dance workshops, reading, and hanging out with family and friends

Juliana Contreras

Juliana is a sophomore and a first-generation college student at the University of Virginia. Juliana hopes to major in speech communication disorders as her first step toward becoming a speech therapist.

Courtney Craft

Courtney is a freshman at the University of Georgia and has been very involved in sports. Her goal is to achieve a master’s degree in communication and have a career as a political news anchor.

Carolina Diaz

As a sophomore at Villanova University, Carolina is attending the Villanova Business School and majoring in Marketing. Carolina is a first-generation high school graduate who looks forward to being a first-gen college graduate.

Lindsay Dukes

Lindsay is a sophomore at Mercer University who has a love for children and plans to obtain a B.S. Ed. degree in Elementary Education/Special Education – the Holistic Child, with a minor in Spanish. 

Maria Marquez-Gatica

Maria is a freshman at Georgia State University. She is pursuing a career in dental hygiene. A member of the Cathedral of St. Philip, she attends services in Mikell chapel, where she has served as an acolyte.

Aleria Goodfellow

Aleria is a first-generation college student who is in her junior year at Kennesaw State University. She is majoring in Integrated Health Sciences. Her plan is to attend Kennesaw State’s Accelerated Nursing Program after completing her bachelor’s degree.

Christopher Hayes

A cathedral scholar as an undergraduate at Georgia State University, from which he recently graduated, Christopher is now a first-year law student at Fordham University School of Law. He hopes to have a career in public service in his hometown of Atlanta. 

Kiera Jones

Kiera is a freshman at the University of Notre Dame, majoring in Science Pre-Professional Studies, and plans to go to Physical Therapy school after graduation. She is very interested in sports and hopes to become a Sports Physical Therapist in the future, working for the NFL or NBA. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and binge-watching movies. 


Maggie Long

Maggie is a sophomore at Mercer University, studying marketing and working towards attending physician assistant school. Maggie has been a member of the Cathedral of St. Philip for most of her life. She spends her time working two part-time jobs while attending school.

Mosiah Roberts

Mosiah is a freshman at Georgia State University. He plans to study Blockchain Development, which is a new era of database development.

Emmierose Scates

An active member and usher at St. Philip’s, Emmierose worked as a phlebotomist following her graduation from the University of Georgia in 2022. She is now enrolled at the University of North Georgia to pursue a nursing degree.

Jaydn Scott

Jaydn is a junior at Atlanta Technical College, pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. She is interested in dance and music, having danced with the Atlanta Ballet for approximately 7 years and learning to play the flute; she has also danced with Ballethnic. In 2020, she started her own beauty product business and, following graduation, plans to establish her own graphic design business.

Marquez Turner

Marquez is a sophomore at Morehouse College. He is interested in the arts and fashion.

Katrin White

Katrin is a freshman at the College of the Holy Cross. She has a love for learning, with a passion for physical therapy, and aspires to one day own a physical therapy clinic where she can “merge physical and mental rehabilitation into one, thereby providing holistic reformation of the entire person.”