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Cathedral Scholars Application for Returning Students

Submit this application only if you previously received a Cathedral Scholars award and you are seeking to reapply for the next year. Otherwise, please go back and click the link for “NEW STUDENT APPLICANTS.”

The Cathedral Scholars Fund seeks to support the educational endeavors of members of the Cathedral parish of St. Philip, Cathedral staff, immediate family members of the Cathedral staff, and the larger Cathedral community. Scholarships are awarded each year depending on funds available and the number of applicants eligible.

Funding Priorities: We seek to provide financial support toward tuition, books, fees, or other expenses at an accredited school, college, university, or trade school, undergraduate or graduate studies. Awards will be paid directly to the designated academic institution.


  • Scholarships are awarded annually on a need basis. Applications are accepted year-round, and applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Deadlines for applications are as follows, depending upon when the scholarship funds will be needed:

Annual Funding Beginning with:

Application Deadline:

Summer Semester/Quarter

February 28

Fall Semester/Quarter

April 10

Winter Quarter or Spring Semester/Quarter

September 30


Criteria: All applications will be considered, with preference given to those with direct Cathedral affiliation. Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply based on the following criteria:

  • Financial need: combined annual gross income of applicant or the applicant’s parents less than $75,000
  • Student character: integrity, responsibility and kindness
  • Academic performance: includes grade point average and rigor of courses 
  • Extracurricular activities: school, church, community activities and after-school/summer employment

Application: Please note, the following attachments are required to complete this online application:

  • A short letter addressed to “Cathedral Scholars Donors.” This letter will be shared with our donors, so you can think of it as a thank you letter. We want the donors to experience the importance of their funding, so focus your letter on what this academic year has meant to you and how the scholarship helped make that possible. While the content is entirely yours to determine, suggestions are to discuss highlights of the year, how the year has helped you achieve your goals, or how this year has helped you grow as a person. You may sign your name to the letter, which makes it more personal, or you may sign the letter as “Cathedral Scholar” if you prefer to keep your identity private.
  • A copy of the financial aid letter from your school. This letter should indicate anticipated expenses and funding. If this is only available online, then submit a printout of the online information. If you are not working with your school’s financial aid department, then submit a document of your own creation.
  • A copy of your current school transcript. If your grades are available online, it is permissible to submit a download from that site.

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Financial Information
Apart from financial aid received through the school’s financial aid department, is the applicant receiving or applying for other financial aid? Please describe in detail below: *: *
All of the information you provide to the Committee will be held in strictest confidence. Should you receive an award, the Committee asks if your name and achievements may be used publicly in various Cathedral publications regarding Cathedral Scholars. Please understand that your decision whether the Committee can or cannot publicly use your name and achievements as a Cathedral Scholar will have no effect on the committee's deliberations regarding your application.:
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Letter addressed to “Cathedral Scholar Donors”:
Financial Aid Letter:
Additional Information
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Important Note
All application documents must be submitted by 5:00pm of the applicable deadline date. Incomplete applications cannot be reviewed for consideration by the Scholarship Committee.:
For additional information, please contact the
Mailing Address: The Cathedral of St. Philip Attn: Cathedral Scholars 2744 Peachtree Road NW Atlanta, GA 30305: