The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Prayer List

SubscribeWe pray for the needs and concerns of this congregation, including:

For those with immediate needs

Those who are ill or recovering

Long Term Prayers

R. Huntley Allen
Lucy Baker
Emma Duke Bleke
Catalina Barragan Oliveros
Virginia Bicksler
Scott Brown
The Bryant Family
Joe Burton
Heather Clark
The Crossley Family
Rita Daly
Jerri Darnell
Terry Dornbush
Joan Duncan
Jill Dyas
Deborah Ellington
Paul Fekete
Joyce Egan Ferris
Phoebe Forio
Tom Frolik
Ken Griffiths
Steve Gunter
Jenny Ham
Tory Hartness
Gena Inman
Jane Jones
Randi King
Harry Lamon
Liza Lanier
Ralph Lewis
Robert Lewis
Stewart Long, Jr.
Jo Marie Lyons
Lisa Krysiak
Jill Mahaffey
Leslie Marlowe
Tommy Mason
Christopher Mitchum
Graham Mulling
Susan Myers
Jim Myrick
Charlie Neal
Lori Hegwood Owens
Marian Palmore
Patricia Payne-White
Buddy and Sue Redd
Rubye Reid
Lorraine Reynolds
Barbara and Joel Rice
Bob Riggins
Agnes Elizabeth Robertson
Lisa Rowe
Lana Sachsenmaier
Kay Sanders
Nancy Sanders
Louis "Skip" Schueddig
Fred Scott III
Bill Shropshire
Gail Morgan Timmis
Tommy Truesdale
Ginny Wolf
Jonathan Wright

Family and Friends

Josephine Rose Adams
Elizabeth Alexander
Bettina Bass
Ray and Pat Bell
Josh Bennett
Scott Bouchillon
Jason Brady
Trip Bray
Chet Brewer
Paul Brewer
Catherine Brinton
Darnell Brown
Lila Jo Callaway
Mika Chorey
Anna Clifford
Ava Corroon
Marty Dunn
Katherine Erb
William Erb
Sam Fender
Kyle Garcia
Ann George
Thomas Hagood, Jr.
Larry Hamilton
Christine Hanson
Judson Harper
Gayle Higley
Brian Huestis
Jane Hunnicutt
Beth Ingle
William Irwin
Clinton Johnson, Jr.
Kathy Johnson
Pat Jones
Mary Kyle
Pete Livezey
Hilda Lukwago
Carolyn R. Lusk
Lauren Makhlouf
Margaret McKinnon
Elaine Metcalf
Marion Hickman Meythaler
Betsy Moore
Margaret Moriarty
Fred Neuschel
Linus Nickel
Sterling Pace
Rosemary Palmer
Stephen Pararo
Kimbrooke Pavlich
Ginny Quinn
David Raj
Peggy Reese
Terri Reece
Patrick Romett
Jean Rudolph
Einar Sagstuen
Joe Salas
James Sands
Skip Saunders
Patricia Schooley
Stacey Schuitema
Lelia Sinclair
Alan Smith
Don Smith 
Philip Gregory Smith
Michael and Kathryn Snider
Esther Rose Spade
Izzy Straus
Brandon Streets
John and Cleary Tanner
Timothy Tew
Pierson Thames
Leopildo Velita
Pat Volpicella
Marjory Wall
Thomas Francis Wall
Curt Weaver
Christie Woodfin
Karen Woodward
Whit A. Wright
Hollis Youngner

For those who have died

Rufus Chambers
Marie Corrigan
Angela Stephenson

For those who were born

Betty Beasley Prickett, daughter of Ali and Clay Prickett; granddaughter of Debbie and David Gray
Margaret West Robbins, daughter of Cassady and Pierce Robbins; niece of Lauren and Jay Holder

For those married recently

For all those serving their country away from home, for their safe return, and for their families who wait for them

For all expectant parents


If you know of a Cathedral member (or family member) who is serving in the military, we’d like to know so we can pray for them! Please send the names to Hillary Jones, 404-365-1038, so we can pray for them.


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