The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Prayer List

SubscribeWe pray for the needs and concerns of this congregation, including:

Those who are ill or recovering: 

Immediate Needs

Milton Shiver

Long Term Prayers

Huntley Allen
Penny Barnett
Edgar & Judith Beach
Perry Benton
Virginia Bicksler
Mindy Boggs
Heather Clark
Sharon Crews
Lynne D’Huyvetter
Terry Dornbush
Sarah duBignon
Deborah Ellington
Dan Elson
Ruth Fuqua
Douglas T. Grey, Jr.
Rebecca Harris
Jane Jones
Louise Kan
Bennie King
Lisa Krysiak
Jill Mahaffey
Carol McDonald
Kathy McLean
Kay McPherson
Glenn Miller
Ashley Minear
Royce Mitchell
Susan Myers
Charlie Neal
Linus Nickel
Marian Palmore
Garry Pryor
Rowland Radford
Rubye & Wayne Reid
Agnes Elizabeth Robertson
Nora Robillard
Louis "Skip" Schueddig
Linda Stallcup
Sarah Szymke
Tommy Truesdale
Marion Wall
Ron Wallace
Elleanor Wilson
Faye Van Winkle

Family and Friends

Lisa Bachman
Bettina Bass
David Bond
Darrell Boyette
Pam Breedlove
Kenneth Childress
Andrew Clark
Marie Corrigan
Ava Corroon
Apryl Roberts Cox
Marg Denny
Cheryl Espenlaub
Carleton Fuller
Theresa Gent
Patricia Plummer Glowatsky
Gayle Higley
Robert Hoder
William Hudson
Cadel Ingraham
Lilliana Isola
Stephen Jones
Robin Kemp
Carole Kline
Rita Lewis
Pete Livezey
Lauren Makhlouf
Pat Martin
Michelle Maxwell
Betsy Moore
Steven Norman
Bill Poole
Courtney Rosenthal
Sophia Rowe
Einar Sagstuen
James Sands
Timothy Shotmeyer
Mike Stone
Paul Sturtz
Tina Susco
Hamp Tanner
Yvonne Tate
Pierson Thames
Wayne Thurman
Olive Toy
Roger Traylor
Whit A. Wright
Hollis Youngner

For those who have died

Dorothy Quincy Hopkins
Rose Lewis


For those married recently

For all those serving their country away from home, for their safe return, and for their families who wait for them

For all expectant parents


If you know of a Cathedral member (or family member) who is serving in the military, we’d like to know so we can pray for them! Please send the names to Hillary Jones, 404-365-1038, so we can pray for them.


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