The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Thank You For Easter In Your Time!

An article for the Cathedral Times
by Dean Sam Candler



Thank you! Thanks to each and every one of you who helped the Cathedral Parish of St. Philip celebrate resurrection on Easter Sunday. Every one of you, in your own way, were part of resurrection on Sunday—even if you weren’t here!

Each year, I try to mention and thank every possible ministry and guild and committee that participated on Easter Sunday. Of course, there really are too many to count.

But, this year, I want to mention, in particular, the saints of God who helped the Cathedral celebrate Easter, but who were not actually at church on Easter Sunday! Some of us were celebrating elsewhere, to be sure. Maybe we were visiting family or friends somewhere else. I hope you had a tremendous Sunday!

Further, some of us were not here because we were ill. Some of us have been home bound for some time. Some of us can still get around, but we just couldn’t face so many people on Easter Sunday.

But, you know what? This Cathedral can celebrate resurrection not just because of who participates now, but also because of who has participated in the past. Saints who are not present every Sunday now, sure did show up every Sunday in their time. Saints who can not give so much financially now, sure did pledge and give generously in their time. You taught Sunday School in your time. You served, prayed, you showed up. You influenced, and trained, and loved Easter for years to come.

You are the saints who I want to thank this Easter. I want to thank the saints who were faithful and physically present in their time. Even if you were not here this past Easter Sunday, this is still your time. You have provided for resurrection and new life by your faithful commitment in the past. You are those who have enabled other saints to celebrate Easter in this time.

Thank you! Easter is an energy that exists outside of time, and for all time. Easter is the recognition that God lives no matter what season of life we are in. 

Thank you! Alleluia! Christ is risen!

The Very Reverend Samuel G. Candler
Dean of the Cathedral of St. Philip