The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Parish Notices: July 1, 2020

from the Very Rev. Sam Candler


Peace, holy peace, be with all of you! I am Sam Candler, dean of the Cathedral of St. Philip, in Atlanta, and I deliver our usual Wednesday Parish Notices this day, July 1, 2020.

We started this routine, of delivering Wednesday parish notices, three and half months ago, when it became apparent that we, at the Cathedral, would have to be making quick and ever-changing decisions during this pandemic self-isolation, during this time of Social Distance for the Common Good.

I have to admit, however, that, today, there is not much new to report! We are working hard to figure out how we can have in-person worship services, while also observing all the necessary guidelines and requirements. We have heard lots of good and clever ideas. But we simply do not have a plan yet.

We are fortunate that our staff and technical ability have assembled some wonderful online services. And we are so glad that so, so, many people are praying with us online each week! But we know it is not the same as in-person community and prayer.

I am with you. I long for community, community with you, the people of God. I offer that longing to God. I offer my own sorrow and sadness to God, with yours. Let us pray for each other, as we always do.

Meanwhile, please do check our online opportunities, especially in our children’s ministries, youth ministries, outreach ministries, adult education ministries. There are some really cool programs being offered, even here in the summer time.

We are tired. Take a break! Have a thankful Fourth of July weekend this weekend! There is no Peachtree Road Race to bless this Saturday, the Fourth of July. But our children’s ministry is setting up a Virtual Race! And we will remember Independence Day during our Sunday online service. The Reverend Canon Lauren hold will celebrate this Sunday’s Eucharist from the Cathedral altar itself! And I will deliver the sermon, from The Point, looking down Peachtree Road.

Please do join us. We love you!

Here ended the Parish Notices this Wednesday, July 1, in the year 2020.