The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Two Canons for the Greater Good!

An article from the Cathedral Times
by Dean Sam Candler


Speaking of The Greater Good, I am pleased to announce two new staff positions – in fact, two new Canon positions! However, let me hasten to add, they do not involve two new people!

Effective this week, the Reverend Cathy Zappa will be our new Canon for Liturgy and Pastoral Care. As such, she will oversee all our liturgical and prayer services. In addition, she will organize and oversee our activities and programs of pastoral care in the parish. With the assistance of Hillary Jones, she will tend to prayer lists and concerns, too. Thank you, Cathy!

In addition, the Reverend Lauren Holder will be our new Canon for Community and Education. Her oversight will be our Christian education programs for children and youth; and she will also oversee community and congregational life groups, which include outreach programs and committees. Thank you, Lauren!

Most veteran parishioners know that the Canons of the Cathedral can do anything! The reason we hire great priests is because they have the ability to be excellent generalists, able to move to different programs of oversight, all the while continuing our ministries of celebrating, teaching, preaching, and pastoral care. Each of us, and other clergy, do all those things. It is our Canons who have particular areas of program oversight. Our Canon – and Vicar, the Reverend George Maxwell, will oversee adult Christian education programs and spirituality programs.

I am honored to serve with these clergy, and with all the other clergy of the Cathedral, too. God does wonderful things in this community, and I look forward to an even Greater Good!

The Very Reverend Samuel G. Candler
Dean of the Cathedral of St. Philip