The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Parish Notices: May 20, 2020

from the Very Rev. Sam Candler
via livestream


Grace to you, and peace, in Jesus Christ, our Lord! I am Sam Candler, dean of the Cathedral of St. Philip, in Atlanta, and I deliver our weekly Wednesday parish notices this evening!

Our beautiful Cathedral building remains closed today, though various staff members are visiting, with social distance and safety measures. We anticipate a gradual, very gradual, re-opening of our building, for necessary purposes only. So stay tuned.

The opening of our building will be on a different schedule than our return to in-person Sunday worship. On Sundays, we will continue our online form of prayer through Pentecost Sunday, May 31. Keep listening for more information about that day!

First, let me mention an exciting event scheduled for this Friday night, May 22nd at 7 pm . We will be airing, online, our first Cathedral Kids Got Talent show.  Many recitals and end of the year performances have been cancelled or delayed, but the Cathedral of St. Philip wants to give children a chance to showcase their talents. We were supposed to be on our annual Parish Retreat to Kanuga this weekend. But we’ve got a grand talent show instead! So tune your computers and tablets to the Cathedral Facebook page, or to the Children’s Ministries page on the Cathedral website, this Friday at 7:00 p.m., for Cathedral Kids Got Talent show. It will be a highlight for you!

Second, let me mention that Pentecost Sunday, two Sundays from now, May 31. Those of you familiar with our Cathedral customs on Pentecost know that we like to feature different languages on that day, and we hear about fire!

We hope to feature both languages and fire during the online service. Once again, we call on you to contribute your talent, and your photos. On that Sunday, our Pentecost procession will feature pictures and short videos from you, the Cathedral parish, with fire or anything that reminds you of fire. Take a picture, or short video, of yourself or of your household.

You can hold a flame in your hand, build a fire, or make something that looks like fire. You also can carry streamers or banners, or anything festive. Wear the color red! Let the Spirit guide you! It might even be lively and chaotic, just like the first Pentecost!  Be safe and have fun. We have a deadline! Please upload your pictures by 5pm on Wednesday, May 27 using the link in the Cathedral Times or on the website.

Every Sunday, including this Sunday, which is the Sunday after Ascension Day, we celebrate the Holy Eucharist together, even online. The Holy Eucharist is always a mystery, a beautiful mystery, for Christians, and it is especially a holy mystery in this season of social distance, too. Though not together physically, we can share spiritual communion. Please join us online on Sundays, 8:45 and 11:15.

See you on Sunday, or walking in our neighborhoods, or shopping in our grocery stores, or wherever! Though separated from each other physically, we are together in spiritual communion. We continue to be the Body of Christ, wherever we are!

Ascribe to the Lord the honor due God’s name.
Bring offerings and come into God’s courts with love.

Here endeth the Parish Notices!