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Cathedral Choir England Pilgrimage 2021

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In July of 2021, the Cathedral Choir will embark on its next pilgrimage to serve as choir-in-residence for a week each in two of England’s greatest Cathedrals. There we will be privileged to become part of the centuries-old tradition of offering the daily round of praises to God in these holy places. While any encounter with glorious architecture and art can be a deeply moving experience, singing “in residence” is quite different from merely visiting one of these magnificent buildings as a tourist, or even singing a concert there. By singing in residence, the Choir joins the continuum of priests and musicians who, since the earliest days of Christianity in England, have taken time each day, and honed their God-given gifts, to ‘praise God with all their skill’ (Psalm 47:7). By the end of a week as choir-in-residence, one feels almost as if one has become part of the very stones that enclose the sacred space. 

StPaulsCathedral2013St. Paul's Cathedral, London
July 19-25, 2021

For more than 1,400 years, a Cathedral dedicated to St Paul has stood at the highest point in the City of London. The present Cathedral is the masterpiece of Britain's most famous architect Sir Christopher Wren, and it is a truly inspiring place to be entrusted with the daily choral services of prayer and praise. Having sung here for a week in 2013, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to return for another week as choir-in-residence in this magnificent house of worship.



Winchester Cathedral
July 26 - August 1, 2021

The second week of our pilgrimage will be spent singing from the beautiful 14th century oak choir stalls of Winchester Cathedral which boasts the greatest overall length of any Gothic cathedral. Winchester was the seat of Anglo-Saxon royalty and a principal center of worship after their conversion to Christianity in the early 7th century. By the 10th century a community of Benedictine monks flourished here -- to which the roots of the Winchester's rich tradition of choral worship can be traced -- and the current cathedral displays elements from every ecclesiastical style of architecture from the 11th to the 16th centuries. More information about Winchester's rich history is available here.