The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Really, Really Welcome!

An article from the Cathedral Times
by Canon Lauren Holder

Before I came to the Cathedral, friends familiar with the place assured me it was a wonderfully welcoming community. I will admit I had my doubts. How could a place so large be mindful of every person walking through the doors? Wouldn’t some visitors go unnoticed?

I can honestly say after being at the Cathedral for six months, I think we might be the most welcoming church in all of Atlanta. Perhaps all of Georgia!

And yet I’m sure we do miss some folks visiting. It may be that one has to be here several weeks before that person gets a sense of how we strive to embrace grace, excellence, and hospitality in all we do.

I learned recently that there used to be a “Parking Brigade” here at the cathedral—a faithful group of volunteers who ensured that elderly people finding their footing and young families wrangling children were ushered into the sanctuary this campus provides long before they ever reached the nave of the church. And I have been in churches where folks stood outside the church doors in all kinds of weather to greet people and assist people. Even Atlanta weather!

The Book of Common Prayer describes sacrament as “An outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.” This fall, I hope you (and our visitors especially!) will begin to see some new outward and visible signs. The Newcomers Committee, Ushers, and Green Aprons are joining forces as a Welcome Dream Team to help ensure no person is left unwelcomed. You will see folks wearing “Ask me!” pins to let visitors know we are ready to assist them.

And you! You too can be an outward and visible sign of the many inward and spiritual graces in this place. We have plenty of green aprons, usher carnations, newcomer badges, and “Ask me!” pins to go around. And you can help us bring back the parking brigade as well! If you want to help ensure everyone knows just how welcoming we are, I hope you’ll let me know.