The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

The Chapter Needs Your Help in Choosing the Cathedral’s Leaders

The Chapter Nominating Committee has begun its work of assembling a slate of nominees for the 2018 Cathedral Chapter. The parish is invited to submit recommendations of qualified candidates.

As the governing body of the Cathedral, the Chapter determines policy issues, sets goals, and provides stewardship of the Cathedral’s complex operations. The Chapter formally reviews the status of each of the Cathedral’s parochial entities and ministries, as well as parish financial statements. Unlike smaller parishes, the Chapter does not usually get involved in the day-to-day activities of the Cathedral. Instead, the Chapter of the Cathedral operates as a board of trustees or board of stewards.

Each Chapter member serves a three-year term. Bylaws allow for members to be: “Any communicant of the parish in good and regular standing, who is not less than eighteen years of age, a regular attendant in Cathedral worship in the year preceding election, and known by the treasurer to have made and maintained a stated financial commitment for church support in the year preceding election.” The most important quality of an effective Chapter member is an ability to see the larger picture. Most have held leadership positions in more than one of the church’s ministries or parochial entities.

After recommendations are given to the Nominating Committee, eligibility is verified and nominees are polled to confirm their interest and availability. The committee then chooses six strong candidates to send to the Chapter for approval. Finally, these new Chapter members are formally elected by the parish at the annual meeting in December.

The Nominating Committee looks at candidates who will round out the experience of the continuing Chapter members. An attempt is made to include representatives across all age and gender groups, while ensuring that a broad range of ministries and parochial entities of the Cathedral parish is also represented.

Members of the committee include: Mary Bondurant, Matt Caine, Joan Gilbert, Lindsey Hardegree, Eric Mininberg, and Doug O’Bryan. Dean Sam Candler and Senior Warden Mary Caroline Cravens serve ex-officio.

Recommendations should be submitted along with a brief supporting statement to any Nominating Committee member, or to the Office of the Dean, 404-365-1031, or