The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

The Cathedral Welcomes Bishop Whitmore This Sunday

At the 11:15 a.m. service this Sunday, April 24, Bishop Keith Whitmore will celebrate, preach, and confirm 60 Cathedral youth and adults. Join us as these Cathedral members make a public affirmation of their faith and commitment to the responsibilities of their baptism. La Santa Eucaristía, which normally meets in Mikell Chapel, will join the Cathedral service this Sunday.

To Be Confirmed

Jordan Devyn Blackmon
Boden Alexander Brindell
Mary Lawson Bring
Barrett Starling Bynum
Aiden Howell Camillo
Nicholas Clay Carson
Catherine Caldecot Chubb
Amelia Reid Connor
Robert Gingrich Cushman
Catherine Guerin Czabala
Edwin Augustus Feinour
Michael Brad Gordon
Matthew George Walker Hardwick
Emma Neal Heery
Sally Anne Houk
Wesley Hudson Huffard
Mary Eliza Kamerschen
Austin McLeod Kelly
Julia Clark Kelly 
Virginia Camille Lewis
Caroline Grant Lingle
Lillian Pace Long
Meredith Dailey Moog
Ryan Christopher Nadler
Everett Attridge O'Gorman
Hall Gregory O'Neal
Edgar Ernesto Pacheco
Dioseline Yahaira Pacheco
Paola Pacheco
Brittany Pacheco-Hernandez
Christopher Morgan Payne, Jr.
Alexandra Taliaferro Perry
Carolyn Catherine Pittman
Catherine Carroll Priestley
John Ellis Prigge
Mary Larkin Rief
George Benjamin Robbins
Henry Wolfe Rosenblath
Joshua Erik Ruggles
William McKeown Sanders
Elizabeth Mae Shippen
Thomas Mead Siegenthaler
Ashley Ellinor Solomon
Caroline Eppes Stamoulis
Peter Matthew Tarkenton
Thomas Lee Truesdale
Henry Franklin Wallace
Tanner Margaret Walton
Luisa Weber Whitney
Samuel Travis Wilmoth
Sarah Grace Yabroudy

To Be Received

Jeannie Salloum Haden
Norris Karl Haden
Charles Wilton Hicks, Jr.
Mark Patrick Hinshaw
Margaret Ann Benton Marsh

To Reaffirm Their Faith

Robert Joseph Adams, Jr.
Ashley Megan Waters Gordon
Lynn Bazzel Wilmoth