The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

The Cathedral Antiques Show Offers Many Thanks!

For a week each year, there is no greater example of transformation than the Cathedral of St. Philip becoming the Antiques Show and Flower Festival. We hope you had the chance to see the physical changes inside the building and be a part of the holy community of the event.

The transformation doesn’t end at the physical spaces. In the process of all the planning, lives are transformed through fellowship and friendship. We are very thankful for those newfound relationships and friendships.

Although these dramatic changes take place each year, one of the most important changes is in the people who are supported by the beneficiary. We are sure they will feel a transformation through the hard work and vision of Literacy Action.

Another strength to our continued success is the partnership and financial support of our patrons and corporate sponsors. They all seem to recognize that the Cathedral Antiques Show isn’t just one church, or one group, but an entire community of people who believe generosity can really make a difference. Thank you all!