The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Thanks from St. Veronica's Guild

There is a story of a man, who, while walking on the beach, came upon a multitude of starfish that had washed ashore and become stranded very far from the water. He began methodically to pick up starfish one by one and throw them back in the water. Watching him do this, another man asked him how he could possibly make a difference among so many. Continuing to throw starfish back into the water, he replied, “Made a difference to that one... and to that one... and to that one.” The needs of homeless persons seem overwhelming, but together we can make a difference to “that one” and to “that one” and to “that one.”

St. Veronica’s Guild would like to offer our most heartfelt thanks for the very generous outpouring of gifts of personal care items from members of our parish for the four ministries to which we provide them: Crossroads Community Ministries, Emmaus House, Church of the Common Ground, and Holy Comforter Friendship Center. Feedback from the ministries has indicated great appreciation and ongoing need for these items. Special thanks goes to Charlotte Rubenstein, and her mother, Susan Gantt, for leading a drive among Charlotte’s sixth grade class at Woodward. Members of this class both contributed and sorted a great many items.