The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Thank You, David Fishburn!

In gratitude for his decades of service to this parish, the Cathedral Chapter passed the following resolution naming David Fishburn as Organist Emeritus in his retirement.


WHEREAS David Fishburn has announced his retirement following 32 years of extraordinary service to the Cathedral of St. Philip;

WHEREAS he has served this Christian community and its musicians with humility and grace;

WHEREAS he has blessed our worship services with excellence in his service playing and improvisation;

WHEREAS his remarkable musical talents have facilitated holy and transformative worship services for those who pass through this space;

WHEREAS the Cathedral of St. Philip eagerly anticipates David’s continued ministry here and in the greater community;

BE IT RESOLVED that, upon David’s retirement, he shall be appointed Organist Emeritus, in deep and profound gratitude for his contributions to sacred music at the Cathedral of St. Philip.