The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Taking a Pause for a Purpose

In January 2021 the Cathedral Antiques Show celebrated its 50th Anniversary. This milestone marked our continued commitment of supporting local nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to advancing their missions and broadening outreach. To date, over $5.8 million has been donated to meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable citizens. This year we were pleased to partner with our beneficiary 180 Degree Kitchen at City of Refuge. The pandemic required us to do things differently and we were thrilled with our success, and with the continued support of our faithful St. Philip’s community.

We are proud of the Antiques Show and the legacy it represents; we are also aware that the world has changed and new approaches are required to maintain and expand our fundraising efforts. For the past several years an ad hoc committee has studied and evaluated best practices to guide the future of the show. As a result of the study a new committee, Community Charity Council, was formed to explore future outreach efforts. The research and the work of the combined committees will give us an opportunity to build on our past successes. 

After careful consideration the decision has been made to take a pause for 2022 as we reflect, redirect, and develop a new and improved show for the next fifty years. We are so grateful for the countless volunteers, church parishioners, antique dealers, designers, sponsors, patrons, and show enthusiasts whose generosity enables the Cathedral Antiques Show to give back to the Atlanta community in meaningful ways. We look forward to your continued support when we return in 2023. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Anne Matthews,, 404-365-1107, or Nancy Rizor,, 404-606-3011. Visit the CAS website to stay up to date with plans for 2023:


Nancy Rizor
Ad Hoc Committee
Julie Rief and Caroline Wallace
Community Charity Council
Anne Matthews
2021 Cathedral Antiques Show Chair

Ad Hoc Committee Members

Nancy Rizor, Chair 
Laura Cullen 
Margaret Denny 
Grace Foster 
Beverly Gwynn
Katherine Hill 
The Rev. Lauren Holder
Anne Matthews 
Jenny McClure 
Mary Mercer 
Mary Perrin 
Julie Rief 
Caroline Wallace 
Elspeth Willcoxon

Community Charity Council Members

Julie Rief, Co-Chair
Caroline Wallace, Co-Chair
Ann Burns
Teddi Bair
Alexis Guilbert
Kate Hearne
Kiley King
Lisa Lombardo
Haven Long
Mary Perrin
Abby Schultz
Daisy Starr