The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Support Your Local Book Store

Shop regularly. Spread the word. And, become a Book Fellow.

A Book Fellow is someone who sees the Cathedral Book Store as a vital ministry and wants to support the book store’s growth and impact through financial support. As a group, we are committed to offering additional lectures, workshops and educational programs that enrich the lives and faith journeys of all people.

Visit the Cathedral Book Store or to learn more on how to become a Book Fellow.


Your donation will benefit the Book Store’s ministry by:

  • Underwriting guest lecturers and educational programs.
  • Providing financing for special book donations to local charities and homeless shelters.
  • Supporting marketing efforts and improvements to the Cathedral Book Store.

Benefits of becoming a Book Fellow include:

  • Discount shopping days and special discount coupons.
  • Advanced registration and reserved seating at lectures, workshops, and educational programs.
  • Special receptions to meet speakers and authors.