The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Support Your Local Book Store... Become a 2017 Book Fellow

Shop regularly. Spread the word. And, become a Book Fellow. 

A Book Fellow is someone who sees the Cathedral Book Store as a vital ministry and wants to support the book store’s growth and impact through financial support. Book Fellow participation in 2016 helped make it possible for us to continue offering programs such as the annual Jane Baird Lecture, off-site sales, discussion and study groups, the monthly Hart Readers book group, and a children’s book drive that was done in conjunction with the Homeless Requiem. And, perhaps the most significant contribution of Book Fellows in its first year was the funding of a critical upgrade to our online book store.

As a Book Fellow you’ll receive special discount coupons, attend special discount shopping days, register in advance and have reserved seating for special events, and attend private speaker receptions.

On Sundays, February 12 and 19, stop by a special table in the Atrium to become a Book Fellow. Or, visit the Cathedral Book Store or to learn more.