The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

St. Veronica's Guild Update: Fall 2020

The pandemic has not slowed down the sisters of St. Veronica Guild! We are busy helping our ministries - The Church of the Common Ground, The Church of the Holy Comforter, Crossroads Ministries, and Emmaus House. We are aware more than ever that homelessness doesn’t go away and we need to care for our brothers and sisters in good times as well as bad.  

The Church of the Common Ground, although not offering services at this time, serves food to homeless individuals in downtown Atlanta on Sundays. They also pass out personal care items and masks as needed. St. Veronica’s Guild is here to help with the toiletries and masks! 

The Church of the Holy Comforter has about 50 parishioners housed in personal care homes where they are sheltering in place. Toiletries are being distributed, and when available, small comfort items. St. Veronica’s Guild is here to help with these things. 

Crossroads Ministries is in great need of personal care items for the homeless population that they serve. Since March 2020, St. Veronica’s Guild has delivered over 2100 personal care items to Crossroads Ministries!  

Emmaus House has a food pantry for their neighbors, but personal care items are not available from the Atlanta Community Food Bank or by food stamps. St. Veronica’s Guild is able to supply Emmaus House with family sized shampoos, soap, toothpastes, and lotions when they are available to us. In the spring, our guild raised funds to contribute 75 books to the Freedom School Summer 2020 Reading Program at Emmaus House. The books, along with a cash donation, have helped enable Emmaus House to establish a successful summer virtual reading plan! St. Veronica’s Guild is here to help the Emmaus House community! 

We are always ready to help our homeless and less fortunate friends. As you see, we haven’t allowed the pandemic to slow us down. Although our big fundraiser is in the early part of 2021, we always welcome donations of any amount to St. Veronica’s Guild at