The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Spotlight: Community Crossroads Ministries

Crossroads Community Ministries Executive Director Tony Johns recently shared a striking statistic: African Americans make up 52% of Atlanta’s population, but represent almost 90% of people experiencing homelessness. Adverse life events, mental and physical health conditions, and lack of affordable housing all contribute.

Crossroads is changing that statistic with their one-stop shop approach. Sydney Tucker, their new community housing specialist, has moved 31 households into stable housing since summer, with five more neighbors almost housing ready.

Crossroads’ one stop approach for newly homeless men, women and children begins with a meal, then links to obtain identification papers, and access to transportation, social services, and health care. The combination ensures that over 400 new guests who arrive each month, 40% of whom are women and children, can successfully access resources to stabilize their lives. Read more on the Crossroads web site,

St. Veronica’s Guild regularly supplies Crossroads with toiletries for guests. With COVID-19, the numbers of arriving guests have increased and the guild has had to shift from collecting toiletries to using monetary donations to purchase needed items for all four ministries. Crossroads guests also receive a sack meal Monday - Saturday.

The guild will hold a January Epiphany Fund Drive so we can help Crossroads and other ministries meet their increasing needs for toiletries during the pandemic. Watch for the Epiphany camels, who symbolize bringing gifts to strangers in need, and please consider making a gift to the St. Veronica’s Guild Toiletries Project at

Guests wait first thing in the morning to receive mail room, sack meal and other services at Crossroads.