The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Requiem Choral Eucharist

Sunday, November 1  |  4 p.m.

All are invited to join us for a very special worship service on All Saints’ Day (the Eve of All Souls), Sunday, November 1 at 4 p.m., when we will remember by name those members and friends of the Cathedral parish who have died in the faith of Christ during the past year.

The full Cathedral Choir will lead our worship, incorporating Gabriel Fauré’s setting of the ancient and image-rich texts of the Requiem, the ancient Christian mass for the departed. It is one of the most frequently sung and universally beloved works in the sacred repertoire, yet it is rarely experienced in context for which it was written, which is a fully choral service of Holy Communion in celebration of the life of someone who has passed into life eternal. The orchestra, underwritten as a gift to the community by our Friends of Cathedral Music, will use Fauré’s original, most intimate orchestration for strings, harp, French horns, and timpani.

In the church calendar, the Feast of All Souls is the day when we remember those who have died in the faith of Christ. In our remembrance we express the communion of the living and the dead in the mystical body of Christ by a commemoration of those who, having professed faith in the living Christ in days past, have entered into the nearer presence of their Lord. We pray that the transcendent beauty of this music will reveal something of the peace, comfort, and surpassing joy of heaven to all who attend.

Dale Adelmann, Ph.D.
Canon for Music


The following names of members or friends and relatives who have died since last November will be read at the 4 p.m. Requiem Choral Eucharist service. To add a name to this list, contact Jeannie Mahood, 404-365-1034.

Theodosia Adebola Aina Lucy Haynie Lola Peters
Anna Alesse Mary L. Henry Ann Price
William W. Anderson, Jr. Jason Hightower William Anderson Pusey
Lucius A. D. Andrew III Bob Hillegas Miguel Ramirez
Nell Baldwin Howard Hollis Lillian Rankin
Sterling Beale Nell Boyd Hopkins David Rankine
A. Lynn Beavers Nancy Hudson Bobby Reardon
William Franklin Bolt Ben Hutto Benjamin Chapman Reeves
Ellen Borden Ben James John Bassett Rhinelander
Charles E. Bowen Flora Jenkins Marguerite Rudisill
Helen Hailey Boyd Jack Johns Dennis Schmidt
Joannie Bridwell Patrica Collins Johnson John Scott
Jim Burge Antwan Jones Rachana Shah
Robert Bush Kay Keathley Shirley Tope Shearman
William “Al” Cahill Douglas Townsend Kendall Helen Sierer
Nat Carswell Rice Taylor King Carole Simmons
Elaine Singley Chandler Kevin Kiser Archer D. Smith III
Joyce Chitty Jacob Larsen Bishop Smith
Julie Collins Mrs. Chinyong Lee Spencer Windham Smith, Sr.
Debra Conner Chen Ying Liang W. Harold Smith
Philip Cordes Rose Lomangino Frances Sottnek
Catherine Corriere Thomas M. Lowe, Jr. Franklin Starks, Jr.
James Cushman Rothwell A. (Mack) McCaskill Howell Stenger
Karen Davis Tom McCollister Kelly Stewart
Emily Day Lena McCune Lorriane Swan
Samuel Dedonatis Joe McDonald Jennie M. Tattrie
Frances W. DuBose Robert M. McIlwain Beverly Taylor
Tondra DuBose Myles Dempsey McSeveney W. Joseph Thompson
Lynnette Eachus Helen Means Faye Tidwell
Rena Lawson Everett Robert L. Mills Mildred Toussaint
Jane Firmani John Miner Bob Tucker
James W. Fowler III Barbara VanNatta Moore Geoff Underwood
Matthew Albritton Frame Frank Moore Paul Walther
Bart Frary Winston Eugene Moore, Jr. Charles K. Watts
Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Donna Morrow Mildred Wearn
Joyce Ruth Gill Richard Nash Judy Weston
Kelly Gissendaner Mary Ann Neale Hester Wiggins
F. Stuart Gould III Al Nelson Madie Wilbanks
Brad Govan Jane Niles David Willcocks
Douglas Greenwell Dougi O’Bryan Paul L. Wilson
Edwin Baxter Gregg Charles Ohl Milton L. Wood III
Shirley Groover Susan “Scotty” Cates Pannell Brendan Worst
Beverly Hall The Rev. Keith Panton Carrie Wortham
Doris Hargrett Iris Purvis Paramoure Hugh E. Wright, Sr.
Dabney Hart Stephen Baillie Parker

Jerry Dilts

Miles Wilson

James M. Sibley