The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Pledge Ingathering at All Services This Sunday

This Sunday, November 11, during our morning services, we will once again form a fantastic and fun offertory procession with our pledge cards! You should have received those pledge cards by mail in the last several weeks. Please pray about your pledge this year, and please pledge generously! Your commitment keeps this cathedral parish serving with grace, excellence, and hospitality. Bring your cards to church, and then walk to the altar following the usual procession of bread, wine, and Sunday gifts. Others will join you. I will provide instructions during the service for this “Episcopal Church altar call!”

If you do not have your pledge card on Sunday, you can join the procession anyway—with special “intention cards” that we will provide that morning. Just bring your “intention to pledge” up to the altar. Again, your pledges of financial support for the 2019 year are critical to God’s work here. Every pledge, and every gift, no matter the size, is tremendously important. It is our collective effort that makes the difference. When you walk forward with your card, you are making a special offering and commitment to God’s work through this amazing community of faith. I am certain that God will honor your gift, no matter what size. Large or small, we all have something to offer to God, something that God can and will use. Again, if you cannot make your actual pledge on this Sunday, please do join the procession anyway. Your intention to make a future pledge is beautiful!