The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Give Thanks with UTO

Every day we have so many blessings that come our way. Let us rejoice and give thanks this fall by participating in our Cathedral’s United Thank Offering (UTO). UTO has been a tradition since 1889 and supports the missions and ministries of the Episcopal Church. Every cent collected fulfills diocesan grant requests, and each year over $2.5 million is received through UTO offerings.

Here are some ways you and your family can participate:

  • Pick up a Blue Box this Sunday in the Atrium and place it in a prominent place in your home, like the kitchen counter or wherever you keep your keys and wallet.
  • Every night during dinner, go around the table and share one thing for which you are truly grateful that day. Pass around the Blue Box and insert some coins or dollars to express your gratitude.
  • When saying prayers in the morning or at night, make a ritual offering to thank God for being there to hear your prayers.
  • Let the children put a coin in the box for every accomplishment they can share from their day at school.
  • Ask every family member to make a donation in thanks for a person they love who has brought joy into their lives.

Ingathering is Sunday, November 19. Having spent several weeks adding daily offerings of thanks to your Blue Box, on Saturday, November 18, you can open it and count your offerings. Write a check for your total amount, payable to the Cathedral of St. Philip (with UTO in the memo line), or make a contribution at the Atrium kiosk or online at Then, take your empty Blue Box and keep the tradition alive at home until the spring ingathering day!