The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Choral Requiem Eucharist on All Saints’ Sunday

All are invited to attend our annual Choral Eucharist on All Saints’ Sunday, November 4 at 4 p.m. This year we will observe this holy occasion with the ancient and image-rich texts of the Requiem as set to music by Gabriel Fauré. His is one of the most beloved and frequently sung works in the sacred repertoire, yet it is rarely experienced in the context for which it was written: a fully choral service of Communion in celebration of the life of someone who has passed into life eternal. The orchestra, underwritten by our Friends of Cathedral Music, will use Fauré’s original, most intimate orchestration for strings, harp, French horns, and timpani. This is music of transcendent beauty, which generations of Christians have found to offer a profound glimpse of the hope, peace, and surpassing joy of heaven.

At this service we will remember by name all those friends and members of the Cathedral whose names have appeared in our prayers for the departed during the past year. Whether or not you have recently lost a loved one, it will be a meaningful opportunity to give thanks for the communion of saints who have gone before, and to contemplate the hope and promise of eternal life.


Carolyn Herman Alexander Sang Ho Kim
Carolyn Allen Margaret Winders Kuhn
Crystal Allen Joseph Choate League, Jr.
Charles Robert Ambrosavage, Jr. Mildred Jessie Rand Lines
Carol Dendy Axnick Jean Loveridge
Bill Baldwin Sam Neville MacBean
John H. Banzhaf Jaqueline Marcotte 
John Chapman Barnes, Sr. John Matonis
Kathy Beard Jane Madelon Strickland May 
Cathy Beasley David Kingsley McCarthy
Michael Beck Marion McCleary
Dora Faye Beasley Bell Robert Prince McCormick III
George Arthur Howell Bird, Sr. Doris Elaine McEachern
Susan Bridge Blair Ed McCrady
Philip Frederick Bockley III Fred McGranahan
Alec Bond Joyce McLamara
Frances Bondurant Georgia Lynne Meagher 
David William Boone Preston Roy Miller, Jr.
William Henry Trotter Bush Richard Coates Miller
Patricia Born Campbell Bill Moldovan
Luisa Villareal Cantu Powell Moore
Dock Daniel Carithers, Jr. Cornelia Anne Groves Morris
Catherine Raine Watson Carson Rex Morris, Jr.
Wendy Clemente  Virginia Mosquera
Maryon Virginia Moise Collins  Katherine Lester Mostellar
Sally Coulter Don Neal
Charles Henry Cox Betty Page Northington
Marian E. Dabney Jean Paul
William Randolph Damron Walter Perrin
Reba Ann Darr Ralph Pitfield
Brenda Dickerson Mary Evelyn Causby Placido 
Brooks Drake John Hancock Plunkett
Frances M. Duncan Jackson Posey
Vivian Eckman Julia Rowan
Margery Spangler Hutchinson Evans Mary Kathleen Russ
Leila Lane Ewing Donald Travis Willard Salter
Emily Ferguson Anna Lee Sandoval
Alistair Fernandes Edward Scates
Amelia Margaret Feuss  James Earl Scott, Jr.
Herbert Fisher John Walden Severence
Ann Carol Followill Wade King Sims, Sr.
Austin Ford Vandona Singletary Sorenson 
Dexter Foss Lyda Sorgini
Joachim C. Fricker Jack Srouji 
Nancy Pruitt Garwood Richard Burr Stallcup
Hilda Kipps Geist  David Arthur Staveley 
Hilda Sayer Gibson Beth Hall Stedman
Raymond Glover Joe Kendall Steele
Kathleen Jane Hansell Green David Stills
Nan Guest Anne Louise Stovall
Dottie Gwynn Emily H. Strickland
Bill Hammond, Jr. Robert Stringer
Dan Hancock Carla Sweetwood
Lewis Harville Egor Teryushkov 
Nancy Suber Hawthorne Mary Barr Turino 
Shirley Anne Knox Heermann  Sidney Ulmer 
Howard Clinton Higley James D. Wallace, Jr.
Stanley Powell Houghton  Kevin M. Watson
Catherine Hurst James Anthony Weir 
Ed Irvin Elizabeth Welden
Billy Lewis Ivey Al Wester
Larry Jackson Susu D'Huyvetter Wimbley
John Jenkins Judy Wofford
Aubrey Robert Johnson, Jr. Althea Wolf
Audrey Rita Jones Barbara Elisabeth Bentley Wylly 
Amanda Juhl Thomas Charles Zay
Donald J. Juhl  
William Watkins Kelly, Sr.