The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Easter flowers

are given to the glory of God

And in memory of:
Mr. and Mrs. Elam C. Addy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eugene Addy
William Bowen Astrop
Dorsey Machir Bass
Marianne Bobick
Beatrice Lee and Gustav R. Breitzke
Mr. and Mrs. W. Chester Brewer
Robert Morris Bush
Paige Moran Carter
Joan Cazin
Dr. James Edward Clark
Anne Moore Colgin
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur John Cook
Seashols and James Courtenay
Jean Dowling
Bettie Willerson Driver
Phoebe and Malcolm Dunn
Merry and Jamie Ellington
Collier and Barbara Ellis
Freda and Theodore Fisher and Family
Jack and Rosemary Foster
Mr. French B. Frazier, Jr.
Florrie and Jim Funk
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Gazaway
J. William Gibson
Harry L. Gilham, Jr.
Richard M. Gregory
Larsen Chase Gregory
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Griffitts
Geoffrey Peterson Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Hall
Stuart Stevens Hall
Dennis Millar Hall
Helen Rhodes Hannah
H.R. and Lucy Haynie
Dr. and Mrs. Peter B. H'Doubler
Marian Roberts Hicks
Barbara Holcombe
Augusta Collins and Richard Horsey
Stephanie Dunham Howell
Dorothy and Ralph Huie
Anne Van Kirk Hull
James Franklin Hull, Jr.
Ruthie King Hunter
Jack Izard
Isabelle Woolford Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Key, Sr.
Judith Graves Kiely
Helen and Hicks Lanier
Price Lineberger
Dorothy Lokey
Clitus Harry Marvin
Jean F. and Lion G. Mason
Joan Ruggiero McCumber
Marguerite and J.G. McDaniel
Dr. L. Allen McDonough
Ralph Boice McGrew
George Maxwell (Mac) McGrew
Wayne D. (Dan) McGrew, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. V.W. McKinney
Nora McMahon
Mary and Frank Mills
Nicolas W. Mitchell, Jr.
Jean and Roger Moister
Mary Ann Neale
Edward Joseph Nesper
John Michael O'Bryan
Marian Lynn Douglas O'Bryan
Paul Wilson O'Shields
John McPherson O'Shields
Mary Claire Palmer
Rev. Charles Albert Pitzer
Clarence H. Ridley
Betty Sanford
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sellers, Jr.
William Gardner Seymour
Tish and Jack Sharp
Stephen B. Stallcup
Noell and Franklin Starks, Jr.
Mary Gunn and Franklin Starks, Sr.
James Strain
Katharine Strain
Beatrice Turner
Gudmund Vigtel
Geoff and Yvonne Voisin
William F. Voyles, Jr.
Judy Weston
Robert K. Wickham
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Wight
Augusta Wight
Dr. Robert T. Willingham
William Beck Wylly
Dennis Young, Sr.

And in thanksgiving for:
Davis, Grant, Aleck, and Emma Kate Carter
The baptism of James Montgomery Cash
The Cathedral Flower Guild
The Cathedral Music Department
The Cathedral Sextons and Housekeeping Staffs
Grace Foster, 2016 Antiques Show Chair
Slate, Mat, Jim, and Camille Fluker
Mrs. French B. Frazier, Jr.
The Rev. Wallace Marsh
Mac and Dorothy Perno
The Rev. Cathy Zappa
Chas, Meghan, Jessica, and Charles V