The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Christmas Altar Flowers 2019

Given to the Glory of God

And in Memory of:

Mr. and Mrs. Elam C. Addy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eugene Addy
Bernice and David Apple
James G. Apple
William Bowen Astrop
Baabarker Ayiteyfio
Churchill Ayteyfio
Swinton Aytieyfio
Dorsey Machir Bass
Emmanuel Bensah
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Burge
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Butler, Jr.
Elizabeth Anne and Theodore Faber
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Goold Campbell
Dr. Robert L. Carlisle
Bishop Judson Child
Augusta Collins and Richard Horsey
Campbell Collins, Jr.
Seashols and James Courtenay
George J. Darneille
Roberta S. Darneille
D. Jeff Ellington
Merry and Jamie Ellington
Sherry L. Ellington
Mr. and Mrs. French Benhamn Frazier, Jr.
Elizabeth Mitchell Freeman
Scott, Mimi, Mamo and Big Papa
Larsen Chase Gregory
Richard MacPherson Gregory
Dennis M. Hall
Geoffrey Peterson Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Hall
Kenneth and Libby Hammersley
Helen Rhodes Hannah
Kathy and Jim Harris
Jack Hartness
Marian Roberts Hicks
Col. and Mrs. Raymond D. Hill
Barrett Howell
Ruthie King Hunter
Curt Jamison
Richard Jennings
AE Jones
Fred A. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Key, Sr.
Isabelle Woolford Kennedy
Frank and Caroline Kibler
Joseph H. Kiely
Lena and Stig Lagergren
Thomas H. Lanier, Jr.
Alec S. Lansing
Brennan W. Lansing
Mr. Robert Walter Massie, Jr.
Joan Ruggiero McCumber
Caroline Quin Mitchell
Dr. and Mrs. Roy D. Mitchell, Sr.
Hollis E. Morris
Steven Jeffrey Myers
Walter C. Perrin
The Reverend Charles Pitzer
The Very Reverend Richard Peter Pocalyko
Sam, Jerry and Robert Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Langdon C. Quin, Jr.
Charlotte and Ben Reeves
Clarence H. Ridley
Jack and Tish Sharp
Fay and George Sheffield
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Simon
The Rev. Dr. Boyd Sinyaid
Reginald Colin Skinner, Jr.
Mary Powell and Franklin Starks, Sr.
Noell and Franklin Starks, Jr.
Frank Troutman, Jr.
Ruth Vaught
Gudmund Vigtel
Kevin Michael Watson
Toby Patrick West
Dana Francis White
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Wier
Tom and Loraine Williams
Dr. Grant Wilmer
Dr. Robert T. Willingham
Augusta Wright
Merle and Baker Wyche
Charles B. Zirkle, Jr.

And in Thanksgiving for:

Laura, Dan, Chris, and Genevieve
Hannah Bruce
Jerry Cox
The Davis and Parson families
Flower Guild
The Foster Family
Slate, Mat, Jim, and Camille Fluker
James Pierce Fontaine
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hurdelbrink
Mac and Dorothy Perno
Martha Perrin
Mary Charles Wilmer
Olivia, Pinky, Thomas, and Lucy Yabroudy