The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Christmas Altar Flowers

Given to the Glory of God

And in Memory of:

Mr. and Mrs. Elam C. Addy
William Bowen Astrop
William David Baldwin
Dr. Danny Bao
Benjamin and Mamie Bao
Dr. John C. Barnes
Dorsey Machir Bass
Cynthia Lowe Bender
George Arthur Howell Bird
Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Troy Bivings
Marianne Bobick
Inez and Calaway Boleman
Jeffrey O. Bramlett
Angus Brown
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Burge
Robert Morris Bush
Ronald L. Carlisle
Dr. James Edward Clark
Campbell Collins, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Cooper
Kathleen B. Cowart
Mrs. Helen Bivings Crawford
Mrs. Bill Cummings
Barbara A. Czabala
Sherrill Arlen Dansby
Mr. and Mrs. George Darneille
Betty and Gerald Darnell
David Zane Darnell
Mr. and Mrs. Oran Dodd
Jean Dowling
Frances and Beverly DuBose
Sherry L. Ellington
D. Jeff Ellington
Merry and Jamie Ellington
Rosemary and Jack Foster
Mr. and Mrs. French Benham Frazier, Jr.
Elizabeth Mitchell Freeman
Sky Randall Gibbs-Loyless
Harry L. Gilham, Jr.
Richard M. Gregory
Larsen Chase Gregory
Robert Sherrill Griffith, Jr.
Dennis Millar Hall
Geoffrey Peterson Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hall
Stuart Stevens Hall
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Harris
Marian Roberts Hicks
Barbara Holcombe
Augusta Collins and Richard Horsey
Barrett Howell
James Franklin Hull, Jr.
Ruthie King Hunter
Hughes and Jean Hutchinson
Richard H. Jennings
Bob Johnson
Audrey Rita Jones
Isabelle Woolford Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Key, Sr.
Mr. Ed Kilby
Bill LaMon
Miss Rubye B. Langston
Peggy McLendon Lanier
Tommy Lanier
Karen and Joe League
Mr. and Mrs. E.V. Lipov
Tom Lowe
Mimi, BigPapa, and Mamo
Peggy Sheffield Martin
Jean F. and Lion Gardiner Mason
The Rev. George M. Maxwell, Sr.
Joan Ruggiero McCumber
William Henry McDaniel, Jr.
Wayne (Dan) Dale McGrew
Ralph Boice McGrew
George (Mac) Maxwell McGrew
Mark Adams Mixon
Hollis E. Morris
Mrs. Norma Newman
Mary Elizabeth Noll
Phyllis Rivers Nygaard
Mr. and Mrs. John Michael O’Bryan
Paul Wilson O’Shields
John McPherson O’Shields
Robin Benjamin Page
Robin Benjamin Page, Jr.
Mary Claire Palmer
Walter Catesby Perrin
Dr. and Mrs. Sylvester Pratt
George W. Price
Clarence H. Ridley
James Herndon Rouse
Mary Kay Russ
Paul Sanger
Tish and Jack Sharp
Fay and George Sheffield
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simon
Betty Skiles
Reginald Colin Skinner, Jr.
Nola and William Smith
Bill and Hermina Spangler
Jennie M. and Roy A.G. Tattrie
Ruth Vaught
Susan Mott Webb
Robert K. Wickham
Augusta Wight
Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Wilkinson
Dr. Robert T. Willingham
Mr. Charles Woodall, Jr.
Dennis J. Young, Sr.
Charles B. Zirkle, Jr.

And in Thanksgiving for:

Laura and Christopher Bellaire
Slate, Mat, Jim, and Camille Fluker
James Pierce Fontaine
Virginia T. Maxwell
Dr. Peter Michael Payne
Mac and Dorothy Perno
Betty and Bill Poole
Frances Strother St. John Rouse
The University of the South, Sewanee
Flower Guild
Mary Semmes Wright for her three decades of service organizing and maintaining the Cathedral Archives
Laura Dornbush Iarocci for her many years of leadership in the Cathedral Flower Guild