The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Christmas Altar Flowers Given to the Glory of God

And in memory of:

Mr. and Mrs. Elam C. Addy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eugene Addy
William Bowen Astrop
Dorsey Machir Bass
Cynthia Lowe Bender
Marianne Bobick
Mr. Harold Stewart Brannen, Sr.
Chester and Betty Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Burge
Robert Morris Bush
Paige Moran Carter
Jan Batson Childers
Mary Brown Gunn Coffee
Campbell Collins, Jr.
William T. Conner
Mr. Howard Corn
Kathleen B. Cowart
Mr. Willard Cummings
Richard Berkley Cunningham, Jr.
Roberta Higgins Darneille
Anne and John DeBorde
Hayes Dever
Mr. and Mrs. Oran Dodd
Jean Dowling
Merry and Jamie Ellington
Sherry and Jeff Ellington
Barbara W. and Collier H. Ellis, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Ervin, Jr.
Shiona Finlayson
Donald C. Finlayson
Freda and Theodore Fisher and Family
Rosemary and Jack Foster
Mr. French B. Frazier, Jr.
Ralph and Amelia Gazaway
Harry Gilham
Richard M. Gregory
Larsen C. Gregory
Dennis Millar Hall
Geoffrey Peterson Hall
Stuart Stevens Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. T.S. Harbin
Kathy and Jim Harris
Rodger Edwin Herndon
Marian Roberts Hicks
Barbara Holcombe
Augusta Collins and Richard Horsey
Ruthie King Hunter
C. Franklin  Jones
Isabelle Woolford Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Key, Sr.
Judith Graves Kiely
Joseph Humphrey Kiely, Sr.
Mr. Ed Kilby
Chrysteene Kindred
Brenda Kizer
Peggy McLendon Lanier
Helen and Hicks Lanier
Brennan W. Lansing
Alec S. Lansing
Edward V. Lipov
Tom Lowe
George M. Maxwell
Teresa Old McGregor
R. Boice McGrew
G. Maxwell (Mac) McGrew
Dan McGrew, Jr.
Barbara McKeand
Mr. and Mrs. V.M. McKinney
John Miner
Nicholas W. Mitchell, Jr.
Cork and Mary Ellen Mixon
Hollis E. Morris
Brian Emory Nelson, Sr.
Mrs. Norma Newman
Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Nixon
Phyllis Rivers Nygaard
John Michael O’Bryan
Dougi O’Bryan
Mary Claire Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Patrick
Mary and Roy Richardson
Clarence Ridley
Betty Sanford
William Gardner Seymour
Tish and Jack Sharp
Dr. Nash H. Underwood
Gudmund Vigtel
Kevin Michael Watson
Emily Mobley White
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Wight
Augusta Wight
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Williams, Sr.
Dr. Robert T. Willingham, Jr.
Mr. Charles Woodall, Jr.
Oliver Wright


And in thanksgiving for:

The Stanley F. and Winifred Murphy Birch Family
George A.H. Bird
Davis, Grant, Aleck, and Emma Kate Carter
The Cathedral’s Music Program
Slate, Mat, Jim, and Camille Fluker
Mac and Dorothy Fluker
David and Avery Tucker Fontaine
James Pierce Fontaine
French, Anne, Frank, and Eliza Frazier
Mrs. French B. Frazier Jr.
Cathedral Flower Guild
Charlotte, Bill, and Mac
The Rev. C. Wallace Marsh IV
The Harold Lee and June Moore Sutton, Jr. Family
Thomas Slade Tucker, Jr.
The Rev. Catherine Zappa

As of December 20