The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Choral Requiem Eucharist for All Faithful Departed

On Sunday, November 6, at 4 p.m., the Cathedral will offer a Choral Requiem Eucharist during which we express the intercommunion of the living with those who have entered into the nearer presence of God, and we remember by name those members and friends of the Cathedral parish who have died in the faith of Christ within the past year. Written as a liturgical work (and sung this day by the Cathedral Choir with a small orchestra and organ), Maurice Duruflé’s setting of the ancient and image-rich Christian texts of the Requiem mass will be sung in its intended context of worship – a fully choral service of Holy Communion – using Duruflé’s original, most intimate orchestration. All are welcome. For those who cannot attend, this service will also be streamed online at


We remember by name those members and friends of the Cathedral parish who have died in the faith of Christ within the past year:

Julia Alston
Stan Arnold
Eileen Auxier
Gloria Baublits
John Beach
Betty Ann Bearden
Hunter S. Bell, Jr.
Barbara Henry Bender
Robert Benton, Sr.
George Parker Berman
James W. Bland, Jr.
Priscilla Bleke
Harold R. Bott
Laura Hailey Bowen
Pat and Franklin Boyette
Beth Rose Boylston
Jeffrey Bramlett
Julia Everett Brown
Donald R. Buffington
Anne Feeny Bullard
Patricia Redfearn Bush
Gordon Bynum
Josie Carlyle
Olivia Cave
Doris Boswell Chambless
Jan Childers
William “Allen” Chitty
Susie Clark
Winifred Clark
Campbell Collins, Jr.
Thomas H. Conley
Lane Young Cook
Helen Copeland
Ida Copenhaver
Alice May Wing Cordes
Barbara Coriddi
James Theo Corriere
Kathleen Cowart
Mike Crawford
Mary Helen Dalton
Melisa Davis
Colleen Dishman
David A. Douglass
Bettie Driver
John Dunn
D. Jeff Ellington
J. Shelton Ellis, Jr.
John and Nancy Engelhart
Laura Faller
Carl Russell Fletcher, Jr.
Charlie Foresythe
Harriet Fox
Ernesto Baños Franco
Alvera Frauenheim
Ann Fritts
Marjorie Vick Glover
Dianne Griner
Philip Gwynn, Jr.
Stan Haines
William P. Hale
Mary Morris Hodgman
Rita P. May
Betty McLean Hopkins
David Houk
William Barrett Howell
Ruthie Hunter
Val Hurt
Charles Ilianakalea
Charles Irving
John Edward Iverson
Patty Jenkins
Dale Joiner
Franklin Jones
Marian Jones
David Scott Kan
Catherine Kelly
Dorothy Lanier Kennerly
Fritz Kieckhefer
Joe Kiely
Judy Kiely
Judith Klauba
Mildred Lanier
Katherine Armistead Latimer
Valerie Ann Lawrence
Joseph Choate League, Sr.
Louis H. Marcotte, Sr.
Herb Matthews
George Maxwell
VeEsta McClendon
Mary Lee Higgins McDougall
Dona McEachern
Nora McMahon
Dan McPherson
Nell Melzer
George Mende
Deborah Merrell
Nicolas W. Mitchell, Jr.
Brian Nelson
Juanita Neswick
Phyllis Nygaard
Bill O'Neal
Sheila Henry Perry
Charles Raymond Presley
Ray Puckett
Mollye Elizabeth Rand
Louella Randall
William Henderson Rhodes, Jr.
Bob Rickard
Whitney Kemble Robbins
Frances Jameson Sanders
Lester F. Scoles, Jr.
William C. Shepherd
George Sherrill
Julia McCullough Shivers
Tim Sinclair
Francesca Smith
Sam Snow
Theodora “Dodie” Stockton
Berenice Torruco Tamayo
Marva B. Fairley Tanner
Lenora Taylor
George Tompkins
Roush Vance
Mary Vaughn
Ed Vogel
Keehn Wade
Carolyn Hunter Walker
Stephen Walker
Helen Warnock
Howard Candler Warren
David Watkins
Eugenia “Dee Dee” Wattles
Mickey McQueen Loudermilk Webb
French Weldon
David Ryan Whitfield, Jr.
Loraine Williams
Blanche Willis Westmoreland
Bruce Wilroy
Donald Wise
Whittier Wright
Charles B. Zirkle, Jr.