The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Becoming Beloved Community

High School Sunday School

At each baptism in the Episcopal church, several questions are asked of those wanting to begin a new life in the community of Christ. While some of these questions are about belief, others detail practices which sustain us in the work of “seeking and serving Christ in all persons.” In preparation for our pilgrimage to the Legacy Museum on October 19, the high school Sunday School class will explore how Christians in this region of the U.S. have both succeeded and failed in their practices to “honor the dignity of every human being.” Join us for conversations about how our faith calls us to engage the legacy of our shared history. We will meet in Room 368 from 10:10–11 a.m. starting Sunday, September 8. (Please note: Students need not attend the pilgrimage to participate in Sunday classes. The themes and ideas that will be presented in class are applicable to everyday life and all youth are encouraged to attend).