The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

2019 Easter Altar Flowers

Given to the Glory of God

And in Memory of:

William Bowen Astrop
Dr. John C. Barnes
Dorsey Machir Bass
Cynthia Lowe Bender
Katherine Bicksler
Scott, Mimi, Mamo, and Big Papa
George Arthur Howell Bird
Marianne Bobick
Mark Brennan
William Brinton
Thomas M. Burke
Robert Morris Bush
Hugh M. Chapman
Dr. James E. Clark
Campbell Collins, Jr.
The Rev. Canon Thomas H. Conley
Brenda Mathison Courson
Seashols Noell and Jim Courtenay
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Crabtree, Jr.
Josephine and Robert Crumley
Jody McDougall Crumley
Kathleen McCarthy Dexter
Sherry Ellington
D. Jeff Ellington
Merry and Jamie Ellington
Mary Jackson Elrod
Mr. and Mrs. John Baker Erb
Bob Fishburn
Louise and Ike Fisher
Margaret and John Foxworth
Mr. and Mrs. French Benham Frazier, Jr.
Florrie and Jim Funk
Hilda Geist
Hilda Seyer Gibson
Harry L. Gilham, Jr.
Marjorie and William Glover
Frank Shields Goodman
Virginia Simpson Gray
Richard M. Gregory
Larsen C. Gregory
Dennis Hall
Geoffrey Peterson Hall
Stuart Stevens Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hotiwe Hall
Marian Roberts Hicks
Jane Hollis
Mary and Jack Hook
Augusta Collins and Richard Horsey
Hal and Marj Humphries
Ruthie King Hunter
Catherine G. Hurst
Richard Hunter Jennings
Joan Doreen Johnston
Bernard and Aurelie Kan
Isabelle Woolford Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Key, Sr.
Marguerite Klocksiem
Helen and Hicks Lanier
Tommy Lanier, Jr.
Sarah Lowe Large
George and Mary Lawver
Nita and Stewart Long
Margherite Lorino
Grace Haile Lowe
Tom Lowe, Jr.
Tom Lowe, Sr.
Jean Fitzpatrick
and Lion Gardiner Mason
M.C. Mathison
Ila Edgar Mathison
Patricia Benton Matthews
Herbert Ray Matthews, Sr.
Joan Ruggerio McCumber
Dr. Preston R. Miller
Mark Adams Mixon
Jean and Roger Moister
Barbara Dexter Moore
Walter Perrin
Martha Perrin
The Rev. Charles A. Pitzer
Barbara Johnson Prickett
Jean and Langdon C. Quin, Jr.
Robert Louis Read
Joseph Henry Richardson
Sam and Anna Riddick
Clarence H. Ridley
Dorothy and Lester Ruegsegger
James Segars
Reginald Colin Skinner, Jr.
Lyda Brown Sorgini
Noell and Franklin Starks, Jr.
Mary Gunnand Franklin Starks, Sr.
Robert H. Stringer, Jr.
Ruth Vaught
Gudmund Vigtel
Dana Francis White
Robert K. Wickham
Dr. Robert T. Willingham
Dennis J. Young, Sr.
Charles Bradley Zirkle, Jr.
Warren and Anne Zittell

And in Thanksgiving for

Virginia Bicksler
The Birch Family
Ramsay Lyons Brewer
Janice Cook
Cox and Candler Kids
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dornbush
The Flower Guild
Slate, Mat, Jim, and Camille Fluker
James Pierce Fontaine
George, our faithful companion
for over 14 years
Caroline Gilham
The Haddow Grandchildren
Missy and Mark Kaish
Georgeann and Mac McGrew
Jody and Dan McGrew III
The Ottley Family
Mac and Dorothy Perno
Barbara and Ernest Ramsay
Clark Shelton
The Sutton Family
Cathy Zappa

as of April 16, 2019