The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Elder Ministry

The Elder Ministry honors the wisdom of parish seniors and recognizes the integrity of older adults and their contributions to church and community life. There are approximately 700 communicants of the Cathedral who are 72 years of age and older. Although the Elder Ministry focuses on the needs of those 700, its activities are open to all. This is a growing community that is active, interested and engaged in the parish, the city and the world.

For more information, contact the Rev. Carolynne Williams, Canon Associate for Pastoral Care, 404-365-1035, or Jeannie Mahood, Program Coordinator for Elder Ministry, 404-365-1034.

Elder Council
The 18 members of the council, its volunteer coordinator and the Canon for Elder Ministry meet several times a year to discuss priorities for elders of the Cathedral. Serious consideration is given to parish-related presence of our seniors, most of whom are elders only in age.

Sunday School Classes
Classes are held throughout the year on topics of aging and areas of concern for all.

Spiritual Enrichment
There are six basic levels of maturing in faith which are discussed as points of life transitions in oral histories. These stories of living one's faith are shared with others. Living fully and in the moment become focal points for planning, for accepting changes in life and for moving forward.

PrimeTimers meets every other month beginning each September and ending in May. Entertainment, enrichment and wonderful lunches are provided for a minimal cost.

Opportunities are provided for elders to get to know other parishioners of the same age whom they have not met, even though they have attended the same church for years. These gatherings are hosted by elders for elders.

Outings/Day Trips
Day trips will be announced throughout the year. In the past, elders have gone to the Southeastern Flower Show, the Hindu Temple in Norcross and the National Museum of Patriotism.

End-of-Life Decisions
See the Funerals section on this website.

Visitation of Elders
Please contact Jeannie Mahood, 404-365-1034, to schedule a visit by a Cathedral priest.