The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Zack Sexton

Other family members at the Cathedral: wife Carrie, daughters Elizabeth, 4, and Mary Margaret, 2. Another baby is due in a couple of weeks. [update:  Joseph Sexton was born on March 15.] Elizabeth attends the Cathedral Preschool.

Membership: The Sextons were married at Christ Church in Charlotte, NC, in 2004 and joined the Cathedral of St. Philip in 2005.

Neighborhood: Collier Hills. Zack is originally from Durham, NC. He met Carrie at the University of North Carolina.

Profession: Sales Executive at Canvas Systems, a global, independent reseller of new and refurbished IT equipment and systems.

What brought you to the Cathedral? "My wife's good friend, Alden Rivers Potts, is a Cathedral member and she encouraged us to come."

Favorite Cathedral memories: the baptisms of both daughters and Elizabeth's performance as a sheep in the 2010 Christmas Pageant.

Activity outside the church: Loves playing golf in his free time and competes in Georgia State Golf Association tournaments.

Cathedral Activities: Gives to the Annual Fund. Enjoys the Cathedral Farmers Market and the Cathedral Antiques Show. Zack and Carrie are the contacts for the Cathedral's Holy Comforter Dinner ministry. He remembers, "When Carrie and I first joined the Cathedral, we hardly knew anyone. We wanted to be involved in something together, we wanted to be engaged in community service, and we wanted to meet people. We joined the group that serves dinner at Holy Comforter. [Holy Comforter is an Episcopal parish in southeast Atlanta. More than half of the congregation live with mental illness.] Bob and Peggy Clayton led the group of volunteers, and we met lots of Cathedral members through this ministry. It was hard to go to Holy Comforter at first. I hadn't been around many people with mental illnesses. Now I'm comfortable and recognize many Holy Comforter members. Every four months we serve dinner there; we purchase the food from Artuzzi's, set up, serve, and meet people. Because of our experiences at Holy Comforter, Carrie reached out and became involved with the Marcus Autism Center. She organizes fundraising events and is the president of the Marcus Autism Center Volunteer Guild."