The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Talley Hultgren

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Family at the Cathedral: husband, Jason, and 6-year-old daughter, Virginia Jane

Originally from: Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Neighborhood: North Buckhead

Profession: Director of Strategic Planning at TGMadison, an advertising agency

What brought you to the Cathedral: “The Cathedral was close to where Jason and I ultimately lived after we were married. When we first visited, we were a little concerned about how big it might be. It’s huge! And I was used to my tiny church on Lookout Mountain. But there was nothing to be concerned about. The Cathedral is the tightest, neatest, little community I have ever experienced, so any fears of getting lost in a crowd quickly fell away. I just love high church, and I love everything that we’re exposed to at the Cathedral. After Jason and I ‘church shopped’ a little, I said, ‘This is it. The Cathedral is where I want to be!’ It has a great group of young families, and we knew we’d be starting a family.”

Getting involved:
“First we started going to Old-Fashioned Sunday School. Then, when Virginia Jane was a baby, I volunteered at Week of Wonder. I had the best time and met some of my dearest friends through that
volunteer experience.”

Getting married at the Cathedral:
“We were married at the Cathedral on November 29, 2003. It was a big decision not to be married on Lookout Mountain because I grew up in that church. Jason and I thought about it, and we wanted to be married in the church where we were going to raise our family, so we could have lots of happy memories all the way through our lives–‘soup to nuts.’”

Raising a child at the Cathedral: “I have memories of Virginia Jane as a baby crying in the nursery on Sundays. I was distraught, as a new mom, because my baby was crying! I remember Miss Nicki, Miss Veronica and Miss Alicia, and all those ladies telling me, ‘It’s fine, it’s fine. We’ve got her. We’ll take care of her.’ So Virginia Jane has had this sweet group of people at the Cathedral who have loved her since she was tiny.

Virginia Jane loves coming to St. Philip’s. When she was a baby, just talking, she used to call it ‘the castle.’ She would say, ‘I want to go to the castle.’ Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? She has benefited from this church community, and from the Cathedral Preschool community.”

On Godly Play: “The Godly Play curriculum just knocks me out with how much the children learn. It is fascinating to watch these little people catch things that you would never think they would get. I love to watch them grow and ask questions. They don’t question in a negative way; they question in an exploring way. We are really thankful that Virginia Jane experiences Godly Play. It is fantastic.”

Community at the Cathedral: “I grew up in a wonderful Episcopal church that I loved, but I don't think that it had the sense of community that the Cathedral has. I have the best photograph taken this past Christmas of Canon George Maxwell in his vestments, with Virginia Jane under one arm and Kate Cunningham under the other, and when I look at it, I think that sense of community, that love and that spirit is what I wanted for my baby. That is exactly it!”