The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Lindsey Hardegree


Lindsey Hardegree has been attending the Cathedral since moving to Atlanta in 2009. She recently began her three-year term as a member of the Cathedral Chapter.


On the Farmers Market: My dad grew up on a farm; they were farmers for generations. His job when he came home from school was to churn butter. So there’s a piece of me that identifies with my grandmother because even to the day she died, she had a garden in her backyard, she was always canning things. We’d go to her house and everything would be home cooked. I love to cook and I think I get it from her, and so once I got settled in Atlanta the whole idea of connecting back with that was really appealing to me. When I came in town, I moved in October, so I might have gone to the Farmers Market once that season but when it started up again in April, I thought, “I’m going to go to the first day, just to see what this is about.” And I fell in love with the concept. 

I decided to start canning, just to see what happened. Now I do strawberries and blackberries and blueberries and peaches and I buy it all from the Farmers Market. It got me in the habit of going more regularly so now there are very specific things that I try to only get from the Farmers Market. It’s a great resource to have. And I’ve got relationships with some of the people now, which is cool.


On the Young Professional Women’s Bible Study: Greer [Horne] started the Bible study. When she started coming to church, she talked to Wallace and said, “We need something for single young women. Let’s do this.” And he said, “OK, I’ll help you make it happen.” When I got the email about it, that’s what made it for me. I didn’t know Greer before that, but we very quickly got to the point where if she wasn’t there she would turn to me to help. And, strangely enough, we didn’t realize this until six months after the Bible study started, but our parents are friends and go to the same church in Florida [Christ Church, Ponte Vedra]. It was December of last year, and Greer got an email from her mother, and I got a phone call from mine. They were talking in church—they’ve known each other forever—and they were talking about how they both had daughters… who lived in Atlanta… and lived in Buckhead… and went to the Cathedral… and were a part of this Bible study! We went to different schools, and I was doing things with a different youth group, but we were probably in church together multiple times and never realized it.

Last year, pretty much the whole year, Wallace had picked out a couple of books for us to read – N.T. Wright wrote a guided study through a couple of books of the Bible. We all really enjoyed that. A couple of people had done confirmation and gone through the Your Faith, Your Life book, so this year, we picked a few chapters out of that to do with Wallace. We got to one of the later chapters and it was about your personal spiritual practices and spiritual disciplines. It was one of the most lively conversations we’ve had, so we decided to do something around spiritual discipline. So there’s a book that we have that we’re doing right now that has 50-something chapters, but they’re really short chapters—2-3 pages each—so we can do two of them in a week. It focuses on a different spiritual discipline each chapter. 

We’re really, really casual. Often most of us haven’t read it so we spend the first few minutes in silence so we can all get caught up. We used to meet in the Lanier House but we moved over into the Cathedral building so we can drink wine – you can see our priorities! It’s been really nice; for the most part none of us would have met each other, and now we’ve gotten to the point where we hang out outside of Bible study. We’ve created friendships there. We’re all really busy, so nobody makes it every week, which is nice because you don’t necessarily miss anything. It’s casual. 


On Cathedral worship: I went to Wallace last spring, and said that I wanted to be more involved in the service, but I didn’t know what that meant. He said that I’d be a good Eucharistic minister and lector. I go to the 11:15 service because I don’t really want to get up earlier than that on a Sunday morning (and I’m single and don’t have kids, so I can do that!), but then I also really like that service, the higher service. I really enjoy the choir. That’s one of my favorite things. I sang in the choir in high school and in college. There are lots of times when what they’re singing in the service is something that I sang back in college, which I really appreciate. I really like that about being back near the choir when I’m a Eucharistic minister – I like watching Dale [Adelmann] conduct, and watching the organists play. It adds another layer to the service for me.


Outside of Cathedral life: I’m the development director for the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership. I’m also on the boards of the Atlanta chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, the United Way Young Professional Leaders, and C4 Atlanta, and active in the Junior League. I’m interested in this city, and seeing it move forward.