The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Annual Giving


The Greater Good!

Dear Friends and Fellow Parishioners,

We are so delighted that the Dean has chosen the theme “Greater Good” for the 2020 Stewardship Campaign. Over the past several years, the Cathedral’s Stewardship Committee has worked very hard to emphasize the communal nature of giving to the church. We have hosted dinners, thank you gatherings, and small groups. We have gathered our committee together to talk about why giving to the church matters (to the church and to the parishioner!), to write hand-written thank you’s, and to call every pledging household personally.

This work has been successful on several fronts: parishioner pledging participation has increased in the past two years, parishioner giving has reached a new high, and parishioner non-pledge giving continues to grow. In short, more parishioners are doing more at the Cathedral of the St. Philip! This all goes to the Greater Good.

The money is important, but it is our sincere belief that the transformational power of Cathedral life is that we do this together—our hymns sound better when we all sing, our Sunday School classes work better when many voices are heard, and our worship services feel stronger when the pews are filled.

So, our call to you for 2020 is how will you contribute to the Cathedral’s Greater Good? Can you increase your pledge? Can you encourage your fellow parishioners to pledge? Can you visit the sick or teach Sunday School? We need you and will be better (greater!) with your support. Join us!


Sara & Donnie Chapman
Andi & Doug O’Bryan
2020 Stewardship Co-Chairs

If you have any questions about annual giving, contact David Rocchio.