The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

The Cathedral on the Hill

Posted on by Bill Jachthuber

There is a breathtaking strength and beauty about Durham Cathedral. Surrounded by the Wier River, the Cathedral has stood for over 900 years. Its strong solid pillars hold fast a stone ceiling that makes you wonder how the people long ago could have put such a structure together. Our time in the Cathedral was a wonderful experience of light, sound and spirit. Each afternoon we ventured into the chapter house, with its stone floors and huge wooden door. We would rehearse for our time before, polish our sound and drinking in the spirit as we reassembled to vest and pray in a space that filled our hearts. We would return in procession, to the chapter house, where we would reassemble and await the clergy, who would enter through a huge ancient wooden door 20 feet high, which they would open wide with a large, clanking key. The sound of the lock brought total silence, greetings and with blessings exchanged, we were sent off to sing.