The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

A Certain Peace

Posted on by Betsy Elliott

When I reflect on my week on Iona, my first thought is about the people that I shared the week with and the opportunity to do contemplative exercises in a shared environment. I was so impressed with how the pilgrimage was organized from morning quiet time to wonderful breakfasts on to teaching from John Philip to more quiet time. Afternoons were free time to explore the island, have lunch, take a nap. We then gathered again at 5 p.m. for more contemplative exercises, followed by dinner which was always full of hospitality and wonderful sharing. I have picked this picture to share because it is the view from the St. Columba Hotel’s Quiet Garden. It reflects not only the beauty of the Iona, but it was taken during the late morning quiet time when we were invited to go outside with our eyes wide open and listen to our hearts through which God speaks to us and see all of God’s beauty. I also love this photo because in the distance is the Benedictine Abbey which holds the history of Iona. I found my way to this garden during our second quiet time each day. I have brought home with me the quiet that this pilgrimage gave to me. A certain peace that I did not have before and I have been able to hold on to it.