The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Compact Discs

American Canticle

Released November 2016

We are delighted to offer the pre-release, available this month from the Cathedral only, of the Cathedral Choir and Cathedral Schola’s newest recording, American Canticle, featuring members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s brass and percussion sections and the première commercial recordings of seven new American canticle settings.

To order American Canticle, call the Cathedral music office at 404-365-1050 or email Tim Gunter

1. Jubilate Deo (Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta) – Craig Phillips (4:25)
2. Magnificat – Roland Martin (6:05

3. Nunc dimittis (St. Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo, in D) – Roland Martin (4:40)
4. Magnificat on Plainsong Themes – Gerald Near (4:30)
5. Nunc dimittis on Plainsong Themes – Gerald Near (3:13)
6. A Canticle of Praise – Larry King (2:39)
7. Magnificat in B flat – Howard Helvey (6:41)
8. Nunc dimittis in B flat – Howard Helvey (3:46)
9. Magnificat in F – Harold Friedell (5:13)
10. Nunc dimittis in F – Harold Friedell (4:03)
11. Nunc dimittis in D – Leo Sowerby (4:34)
12. Te Deum (Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta) – Craig Phillips (8:41)

13. Beata es, Maria – plainsong antiphon (0:41)
14. Magnificat – Roland Martin (6:08)
15. Nunc dimittis (St. Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo, in E, for trebles) – Craig Phillips (4:28)
16. Lord, you now have set your servant free – Craig Phillips (5:33)




Into the House and Gate of Heaven

Released November 2014

To order Into the House and Gate of Heaven from the Cathedral Book Store, click here.

The Cathedral Choir and Schola is delighted to announce their latest compact disc, Into the House and Gate of Heaven, which was recorded by Gothic Records and released on All Saints' weekend 2014. The title of the disc is taken from a prayer by John Donne, which serves as a portion of the text for one of the beautiful anthem settings included on the CD: 

Bring us, O Lord God, at our last awakening into the house and gate of heaven, to enter into that gate and dwell in that house, where there shall be no darkness nor dazzling, but one equal light; no noise nor silence, but one equal music; no fears nor hopes, but one equal possession; no ends nor beginnings, but one equal eternity; in the habitations of Thy glory and dominion, world without end.

In his sermon which concludes with the prayer “Bring us, O Lord God,” John Donne writes,

" hear cheerful street music in the winter mornings, but yet there was a...bellman that waked you and called upon you two or three hours before that music came; so for all that blessed music which the servants of God shall present to you in this place, it may be of use that a poor bellman waked you before, and though but by his noise, prepared you for their music."

As Kenneth Miller aptly notes in his liner notes, this recording is designed to play the part of the bellman—not posing as, but merely anticipating, heaven’s “one equal music.”

Indeed, the entire disc consists of anthems that dwell on the joy and peace that is promised to those who love God, providing rich musical interpretations of biblical and poetic texts that contemplate an eternal perspective on life. We hope that, whenever people listen to this disc, they will experience some small foretaste of heaven. Whether you simply love glorious choral music, or you take comfort in contemplating an eternity of perfect peace and joy, or you are mourning the loss of a loved one, this disc will speak deeply to you. It is filled with hopeful, encouraging, peace-filled texts and music.

This is the choirs’ first compact disc release on an international label. The disc is available from The Cathedral Book Store, from Gothic Records’ own website, internationally in fine music stores via Gothic’s distribution agreement with Naxos, and from iTunes. We hope you will consider purchasing it from us. As audiophiles will know, the sound quality from a real compact disc is far superior to an iTunes download, and purchasing it from us will help us recoup our expenses for recording the disc.

To order Into the House and Gate of Heaven from the Cathedral Book Store, click here. 

Into the House and Gate of Heaven

1. Holy is the true light – William Harris (1:56)
2. Bring us, O Lord God – Paul Halley (5:46)

3. And I saw a new heaven – Edgar Bainton (5:16)
4. For the Feast of All Saints* – Gerald Near (4:27)
5. The Beatitudes – Craig Phillips (4:15)
6. "In Heaven soaring up" from Three Mystical Hymns – David Conte (3:16)
7. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot* – Spiritual, arr. Dale Adelmann (4:15)

8. We shall walk through the valley in peace* – Spiritual, arr. Moses Hogan (4:07)
9. Beati quorum via* – Charles Villiers Stanford (3:33)
10. There is a land of pure delight* – Grayston Ives (3:46)
11. Faire is the heaven – William Harris (4:58)
12. Jesus Christ the apple tree* – Colin Mawby (5:00)
13. Holy is the True Light* – Gerald Near (3:32)
14. Deep River – Spiritual, arr. Gerre Hancock (3:22)
15. Remembrance* – Dan Locklair // Michael Myers, trumpet (6:15)
16. The Beatitudes* – Arvo Pärt // Kenneth Miller, organ (7:08)
17. "In Paradisum" from Requiem (Opus 9) – Maurice Duruflé (2:48) 

*Sung by the Cathedral Schola