The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

God Be With You, 2020 Seniors!

An article for the Cathedral Times
by Dean Sam Candler


As the Cathedral of St. Philip prepares to honor our youth this Sunday, May 17, we particularly send special blessings to all students who are graduating this spring. Wow, what a graduation season this is. We have all lost things during this pandemic. Our seniors, however, those graduating from high school and college (and other levels!) are having a particularly strange time: no big ceremonies, no special events, no proms, no baccalaureates, no big gatherings of any kind, no final times with special friends and colleagues.

So, we bless you seniors! Congratulations on your excellent student careers! May you begin the next chapters of your lives with amazing grace and patience, and with the strength that comes through perseverance and the ability to adapt to changing situations. And congratulations to your families, too!

George Adams
Sam Adams
Barrett Bynum
Catie Chubb
Catherine Czabala
Gus Feinour
Hudson Huffard
Mary Eliza Kamerschen
Austin Kelly
Tyler Kelly
Camille Lewis
Lilly Long
Hall O'Neal
Cate Priestley
Larkin Rief
Henry Rosenblath
Will Sanders
Mae Shippen
Peter Tarkenton
Henry Wallace
Tanner Walton
Pinky Yabroudy


The Very Reverend Sam Candler
Dean of the Cathedral of St. Philip