The Cathedral of St. Philip - Atlanta, GA

Grace and Blessings to All of You in Good Faith!

I greet so many wonderful friends during this holy season! Many of you on this "Good Faith and the Common Good" distribution list are Christian, as I am. Many of you are Jewish or Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, or atheist or agnostic.

No matter your particular faith, please accept my greetings to you in the name of Good Faith everywhere. I believe in a God who touches us all. May God touch you during this holy season!

Some of you may enjoy my Christmas Eve sermon, "All the World Should be Registered," posted here on the Cathedral of St. Philip web site. In the Atlanta area, the Cathedral Christmas Eve service should be televised at 11:35 pm, on WSB-TV.

But even if you don't participate in the service, or read the sermon, may God bless you! May God touch you, and those who journey with you, with grace and peace.

24 December 2009